Thursday, July 23, 2009

I have learned how to blog on the using she-humans backberry. Very cool



Last night we had a big rain with LOTS of lightening and THUNDER!!! Oh my dog, it was scarrrrry! I can never understand why my she-human likes rain so much...because it usually brings thunder with it. When I hear the very first rumblings, I have to find myself a safe place. My preferred hideout is behind the sofa.....but if I can't get there, I usually just sit in a corner and stare at the wall until the threat has passed. And DON'T try to talk to me during this time!! I go into my 'anti thunder' zone, and will NOT acknowledge anyone. (If I ignore everything maybe the thunder will get the hint and go away too.....hmmmm hasn't worked yet though).

Whew! I had to keep checking outside the back door this morning, to make sure The Thunder is gone. So far, so good. Wish me luck today!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Minna Krebs Speaks - Act I

Hello! I'm Minna Krebs and this is my very first blog. My she-human has noticed so many wienerdog blogs, etc on Twitter that she thought it would be a great idea for me to start one too. When she first mentioned it to me, I thought "What would an ordinary little dog like me have to say in a blog...." Then I thought about it some more and realized...."Hey, I am NO ORDINARY little dog.....I am Minna Krebs - the Dachshund Diva, the Furkid Fashionista, the Canine Cutie... I have LOTS to say !!!"

Since I live with my four sibling-dogs, I have been elected to blog on their behalf. None of them can be bothered with learning to type right now. But, rest assured, they have lots of opinions and life experiences that I will be sharing too.

I look forward to getting to know you......but most of all, for you to get to know ME!!

((Hugs)) Minna Krebs