Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss Me.......I'm German!

***  What?!?!?   You mean it supposed to be Irish?!?!?****
Rut-roh......wrong holiday.

Oh well, Happy St. Patrick's Day Everybuddy!!

Now if you are in the mood fur some real smooching.......stop by da Kissing Booths (click here) and find yourself an Irish Doggie or Leprechaun to Kiss!!!

Da Kissing Booths are open until Saturday!!!   SMOOCH Away!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Stuff We Must Endure

As I mentioned in my previous post, this time of year we must endure my momma's long work hours and EVEN WORSE,her lack of brain-powerness that accompanies this event.   (i.e. her is even more Crackers than usual this time of year)

Case in point #1 - We have had a sudden burst of Springtime Weather round here lately.  So early weather in the 80 degrees has led to an onslaught of UPA (Unplanned Flea Activities) in our yard.   Now, my momma, keeps us on da Flea Preventions in da Summertime, butt not in da Winter.   Who gets Fleas in February, early March????   Well, I guess WE did!    So my momma applied da Flea Preventions, butt since this takes a few days to "kick in" and kill the creepy crawly fleas, her decided to give us all a spritz of da Flea Spray to keep da creepy crawlies from taking over our house.

So, yesterday morning, her gets out da Blue Bottle of Flea Spray.    
Let me correct myselfs.......Her THOUGHT her had da Blue Bottle of Flea Spray.     Unfortunately, her spritzed my sissie, Pickles, with da WINDEX!!!      sigh.      
Poor Pickles...............not only did her feel mistaken fur a glass mirror, butt then her had to have an unscheduled and unwanted BATH!!!

Case in point #2 - Our sudden burst of Springtime weather ended this weekend, and da temperatures changed from da 80 degrees to da 30s.     Brrrrrrrrrr, right?        All her needed to do was turn our heater on before going to bedtime, right?   (Puddles, please ignore da part bout our heater actually working)
Well, our lack-of-functioning-brain-cells momma 'accidentally' puts on da AirConditioner instead of da Heater before going to bedtime!!!!!    sigh.     We gots 38 degrees OUTSIDE and my momma had da Air Conditioner humming away...and cooling us down INSIDE.    sigh, again.

Luckily, we have fun Blogville stuffs to keep us from going insane, along with my momma.

Pickles is working on recipes fur da Bake Sale
Is this how Julia Childs got her start???     

And I am working on being her Taste Tester!!!    Yummmmmmmmm!

The Blogville Bake Sale and Recipes is gonna be the most fun thing evers!!!    Click on da link on my sidebar to take you to da new TastyNommies blog!!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is This How H&R Block got their start?

So, this is the time of year when my momma is working ALL the times, trying to tame the TAX DEAD-LION!

This year, her has been whining  discussing even more than usual ....... her keeps complaining  explaining that her fighting the Tax Deadline DeadLion is harder than evers, cuz her office is 'short handed' after losing a longtime, very impawtent employee.
Well, if her is working 'short handed'...........who betters to help her out than a Dachshund!!    
We haves the most perfect short legs ever!  And if her is short-pawed we are THE Ones to help
So, we have our short legs and paws helping her out...........working our little paws to the bone, I tell ya!!

Pickles!!!    Can you hand me the Form 4562 that needs to be included with this Form 1120-S, so I can move on to finishing  Schedule E of the Form 1040??????


I will get right on it, Minna!   First I need to finish the depreciation and amortization calculations.

Even Lucy has decided to help out.................................

Is it time for a Coffee Break????  I'm getting some serious paper-cuts here......and I need to re-apply my Avon Lipstick!

We have been missing visiting our furrends on a regular basis.......butt we are trying to check in with you as often as posssible!!!     Please don't forget about us!!!       After the March 15 and April 15 Tax DeadLions have been tamed, we should be back to normal!!!

One thing we ARE taking time to keep up with is the MOST PAWSOME auction for Richie (MY Love) and his sissie, Ronni!!!    Be sure and check out the auction site as often as possible cuz items and activities are being added all da time!!!   (click on the foto on my sidebar and it will take you straight to the Auction Blog!)
And I am sooooooooooo excited to pawticipate in the Kissing Booths that will be added to the Auction site soon!!!    This is gonna be the most PERFECT opportunity to get a smooch from some of your Blogville furrends, while supporting Richie and Ronnie!!

PeeS...........Blogger has been making it even MORE difficult to visit our furrends, because the Blogger Dashboard only shows the most recent 15-20 blog postings.   We are having to check everybuddies blog individually to see if you have recently posted or not?!?!?!  Is anyone else having this issue, or did my momma do something to mess up my Blogger Dashboard???