Friday, July 30, 2010

Lucy Is Going On a Shoppin Spree

Lucy here~
It looks like I don't have a Thing in my barn closet to wear to the Wedding!

Hay Mom! I need to go shopping ASAP! Why don't we start out at Saks 5ths Avenue or Nurdstoms....surely dey have something in the latest donkee couture.
If they don't, we can always stop by Brenham Tack and Feed Store!

Got your VISA card ready?? Let's roll......

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In Honor of My Blog Furrends

This be just an update today......
Some of you may remember my Paw It Forward game, where you furrends commented and chose one of two special anipal charities for a donation.  paw-it-forward-for-paws-in-need Well, I got these two bee-u-t-ful acknowledgements in da mail from Grey Muzzle Organization and Dachshund Rescue of Houston.    And since you furrends helped me in this endeavor...I wanted to share them with you.

Hugs to all my is thinking this would be a nice thing to do again sometimes...maybe to celebrates my 100th post or sumthin.

Thanks for playing along !!! 


Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Sock Monkey Craze Continues......

Guess who has a Sock Monkey Bed Now!!!!!!!
We Do!!!!!!!!!!!  Hahahahaha   Sock Monkey Beds are Taking OVER Blogville!!!

Moms went to Walgreens and bought us da Sock Monkey Bed PLUS da Uber-Cool Puppy Dog Bed
Ditto: "Aren't these the most pawsome beds you ever saws?"
Rooney: " I bets NOBUDDY has a bed as cool as this!!"

Ditto: "This is soooooooo comfy!   I am really stylin in my new bed!"

Rooney: "I can really get my Snooze on in this one"

*****Insert theme music from JAWS here*******

Dude has spotted the new beds........and the fun is soon ending for Ditto and Rooney.
"Hey that looks like a GIANT Stuffie!    MINE...ALL MINE!!!"
Dude:  "Outta my way, Sister Girl.....I will be taking THIS with ME!"

Dude dragging "his" new GIANT Stuffie up the dog ramp....
It took some Huffin' and Puffin' but the old guy gradually drug his conquest up the ramp to the house!

Awwwwwww...Sweet Success!   Dude posing with HIS new Stuffie .......(formerly known as a Sock Monkey Bed)

Dude "You can go away now, Mom.   I got some major De-Stuffing to do on this thing,   Did it come with a squeeker????"

The End.   

Epiloge:   Mom has decided the cute stuffed dog beds have to be placed in the living rooms...away from Dude, except when he can be supervised!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's a WeinerRoast!!!

Puddles Birthday WeinerRoast

I hope you enjoy.............(make sures you have volume up )

Have a Weinerful Birthday, Puddles Duddles Rain-everything.
Puddles and her mom be the very FURST to welcomes me and encourage me to join in on this crazy life in Blogville......and we are very grateful that she did, cuz we have met many new furrends and have enjoyed every minute of it!
Big smooches......
Minna Krebs
and Mom!!!!

Tick~Tock. The Waiting Game

I have my Puddles Roastday post all ready to go....BUTT I haves to wait another whole day to gives it to her.....sigh...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Get Well Wishes for Miss Molly

The adorable Miss Molly is having a very tough time right now, and is staying at da Vet Hospital to get betters.  Her mom reported that she has had a little improvements since yesterday, butt she still is very sickie...........Keep her in your thoughts.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Are You Ready to PAWTY???

Relaxing after a Long Fun-Filled night

Friday, July 23, 2010

Heading to the Slumber Party....

Lucy sez...don't wait up for me Justice, I'm heading to Luna's Slumber Pawty!!

I'm taking Nachos and WockOmolle Dip! Should go perfect with da Beers

We are practicing for da Slumber Pawty!

That lovely fashionista, Miss Luna is having a Slumber Pawty tonight, so Ditto and Dude are practicing. Hopes to see you there!

We haven't posted this week (we think it is cuz Mom loved seeing her own pikturs on the last post SO much, she wanted to keep them as No 1 post furever. HER story is that she was too busy at works to post, and here at homes we don't have a working computer....WHATEVER!
We HAVES been reading and keepings up with you all on her teeny blackberries though! Funny thing is that we can comments on some blogs with da blackberries....but not others!?! Mom says it must be da Sekurity

Friday, July 16, 2010

Post About My Person

Hello Furrends!
Oskar is having a blog about your people day, so I thought I would scribbles down a few things about my mom.

We lives in Houston, Texas (the humidity capitals of da entire world).  To earns greenpapers, my mom is an accountant at a CPA firm and does lots of tax returns for humans and their companies to send to da IRS......This is Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!! enoughs about that.

My moms loves NASCAR, and especially loves Mr. Jimmie Johnson ... driver of the Lowes 48 car and 4 time Nascar Champion!  She has spent lots of greenpapers going to different races around the country...just to see him run zoomies in a car around a track.  (go figure)  Hers is soooo crazy bout him that she has been known to tells people she wishes he was her 'husband'  (uhmmmm...this ain't gonna happen...butt we don't burst her bubble)

Here's mom at a NASCAR race in front of a giant Jimmie Johnson trailer.  She be sooo happy to be close to his giant face.

My moms also loves the country music(duh...we live in Texas).  And she has spent lots of greenpapers going to concerts to see her favorites...Montgomery Gentry...especially Mr. Troy Gentry. Hers is soooo crazy bout him that she has been known to tells people she wishes he was her 'husband'  (do you see a trend here??   and they think that I am the dorkie one)

Here's my mom stalking meeting Montgomery Gentry

Thank goodness she met Harley-Man a few years ago.  He may be big and skeery when on da motorcycle, but he loves us and spoils us.  In fact, when we goes to his house on weekends, he feeds us Breakfast  and Dinner and lots of snacks!!  (he has to sneak these to us, cuz mom complains he making us fat!)

Enough of all that stuffs....Let's get to the most impawtent parts

My mom is a huge dog person...and especially da WienerDogs!    In fact, I (Minna Krebs) am No. 16 in her 'collection' of wienerdogs in life!  And she has had 3 non-wienerdog dogs mixed in there for variety.  Now this may seem like alots of dogs...but then again she is old as da hills   mature.

Just to test her memories..I had her list them all in order of appearance...
** designates non-wienerdog
Sugee  **
Icee Bear  (a Heart Dog)
Ubba Bear
Lilliput **
Debit **
Olive Oyl (a Heart Dog)
Minna Krebs
 whew.....that be alot!

Here be a few pikturs of my mom and her doggies (please excuse da black and white....I told ya she was old as da Hills mature.)

This is mom with her furst ever dog....Sugee
This is mom with her furst evers wienerdogs, Madchen and Schatzie (moms be the big chubby   tall one in da middle)

Here's mom during her college years with 4 wienerdogs she owned

Oh my goodness......we can't forgets Miss Lucy!~    My moms is absolutely in LOVES with her donkey!!

Okay, that be MORE THAN ENOUGH bout time...back to posting about US!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Minna Krebs the Dorkie

My papers say I am full doxin butt I have determined I am REALLY a Dorkie. Part Doxin~Part Dummy!

I actually beleeved Frankie knew a designer to make Puddles dress.
I actually beleeved in the **not for xxxx** eyes thing.
Can you say...Gullible?!?!?!

What next? No Santa? No Easter Bunny? No Toofie Fairy? Sigh

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Lucy Style

**Knock Knock*** anybody home???

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Retail Therapy - Dog Style

My moms was having a bad day at work, so she decided to leave early and go to hers favorite dog department stores called The Pet Stop.  She wanted to look for a new outfit fur me to wear to some of the big pawty events going on in BlogLand.  This store be kinda 'fru-fru',  but it has lots of dog clothes to buy and bout a million dog toys!   And they just LOVE to take my moms greenpapers there...isn't that nice?

Well, when she walked in the Pet Stop, the salesman recognized hers immediately, and thought to himself  'Oh yay! One of the dog nuts is here to drop a load of money on dog clothes and toys"    "Oh yay! One of my favorite customers!"
So moms browsed through all the latest doggie duds and dressies . After minutes and minutes and hours, the salesman decided to 'help' moms out, cuz she prolly wasn't spending her greenpapers fast enough looked all confused and concerned at this point.

SalesmanCan I help you?
Moms: Well, I'm looking for a dress today.  And since its for my dachshund, and she has short legs, it cannot have sleeves.
Salesman: (rolling eyes behinds moms back) Oh yes, I remember now. Have you seen these cute little sundresses over here?
Moms: Well..........I have looked at those already, but I need something a little more Formal.
Salesman: (more eye rolling)  Formal?  Okay. I think these over here could be considered more expensive formal
Moms: Well............I did see those, but I would really prefer something in Yellow. You see, it is for a Wedding, and the theme color is Yellow.  But I would also like to be able to wear it for a formal party that is also coming up soon.  But I may need two separate outfits for the events.....
Salesman: So your dog is going to be in a wedding???
Moms: Well.....................She is not actually in a wedding, she is going to a wedding.  But, truthfully, it is a wedding between 3 dachshund friends.  And the party is being hosted by another dog friend.
Salesman: (not speaking......just staring)
Moms: (trying to clarify this situation, but making matters worse)  Oh!  Well, she doesn't actually GO to the wedding and parties, we just all send pictures to the party host and then.....oh never mind.
Salesman: (not speaking...just staring)

At this point, my moms picks out the nearest dressie she thinks might work for me, and asks the salesman to check her out.  The Salesman gets alot of crazy doggie peoples in his store, butt my moms didn't want to win the prize for being the craziest!
 .......butt, here be the best part.....

Salesman: (afters taking moms greenpapers and bagging up my dressie)  Excuse me, but did you say...a wedding between 3 dachshunds?!?!?!?!

My moms just laughed and laughed!    It made her bad day at da office all go away.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Wedding Surprise - ESPECIALLY for Frankie,Ruby and Penny's Eyes!!

The Secret is OUT!  
Puddles Duddles Rainspout came up with a fabulous design an Uber-Special Wedding Badge to honor everyone's favorite brides and groom!

So, under Puddles expert snoopervision (she rallied through this effort, even with her current Eye pain due to a most huge spider bite that would keep a lesser dog down fur days and days) , I scribbled and colored and cutted and pasted to come ups with the Purrfect Badge.

and here is the unveiling............Drumroll please.................


We hopes you like it.  We couldn't keep it a secret any longer.

Please feel free to post this Badge Proudly on your blog!!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Lucy on a Friday

Howdy-do! Lucy here..
Minna Krebs told me about ALL the events happening in BlogLand and I am so excited.
I'm attending Princess Luna's SLUMBER PAWTY and have already sent her my picture. Hope to see you there! I just LOVE miss Luna cuz she have Big Beutiful EARS like me!

Then there is the Puddles Birthday Bash (I think in July!?!)

And the WEDDING of the CENTURY between Frankie Ruby and Penny on Aug 21st! I can't wait

I better go, I have some party plannin to do.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Birthday Surprise

Happy Birthday MONTH to Everybuddy's BFF......Puddles Duddles Rainwater etc.

Minna Krebs

PeeS....I will save the picture to my bloggy page, if anybuddy wants to snag it fur their blog 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Civil Defense Alert

This post is intended as a Public Service Announcement. Please take cover....

Its Fireworks most UNFAVORITE holiday of all. Unless you counts New Years Eve..which, unfortunately, also includes the insane habit of hoomans enjoying the EXPLODING of things. sigh.

This be my dog bed.....

This be me UNDER my dog bed...aka My Fallout Shelter

PeeS...I also spends lots of time here when there be Thunder-Boomers in da area! I hate da Thunder-Boomers too!
Under Cover,

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What's In a Name....The Name Game

Fursts off...thanks to Frankie for thinking up this most pawsome game!

Seconds off...If anybuddy knows my moms, they knows that this topic is just purrfect for hers. You sees, she has this "THING" bouts her weinerdog names. She always be wanting to pick just the right name for each of her dogs.
Some of her dogs have had to waits for days and days and weeks and weeks to gets a name. And some of her dogs (several in facts) have had their names CHANGED cuz mom decided another name suited thems better...... And That brings us to my poor brudder Rooney and his Collection of Names......

When I was adopted by my mom, my name was Mr. Rogy (now I agrees this was a kinda odd name, so mom and I decided a change might be in orders) She 'studied' me for a few weeks, and

*Then my name becomed Rooney (this be short for Marooned..since my moms is a Texas Aggie and they be the Maroon color...get it??) So far, so good. BUTT not for my moms.
*Then my name becomed Daytona. (this lasted bouts a year)
*Then my name becomed Awesome. (this lasted onlys a week or two)
*Then my name becomed Shooter. (this lasted bouts six months )
*Then my name becomed J.C.

*Then my name becomed Archibald Leach (this was during hers Cary Grant phase)
*Then my name becomed Joey (bout this time....I didn't cares no more)

*Then my name becomed Mr. Dog
*Then my name becomed Rooney (Agains!)
Now, my current name has lasted bout 4 years or so. and we prolly forgots to include a few of my names, but you gets the idea...she has wanted to change it a few times since, butts all her friends think she crazy (duh)

This is me and my mom on my adoption day
circa 2003

Minna Krebs

When I was adopted by my moms, I came with the name Minka. This be an okay name.....but as you can see from my brudder Rooney's moms decided a different name be in order.

She looked at me and looked at me and decided that I reminded hers of a little ol' German woman. A little Hausfrau. So she kept tryings to think of good old fashioned German names. When she was talking on the phone with her sister, they was reminded of my moms GREAT-Grandmother, a lovely little German lady they called Oma Krebs. (She was called Oma, cuz that be the German word for Grandmother.) Low and behold, my moms remembered that Oma Krebs real name was Minna Krebs!

So that be who I am named moms GreatGrandmother Minna Krebs.

Moms has looked and looked for a piktur of the real Oma Krebs to share wif yous...but so fars she can't finds one. You sees the hooman Minna Krebs was borned in the 1800s, and there are not lots of pikturs from back then. When we finds one, I will be sure to show yous.

This is me on my adoption day...heading to my new home
circa 2008


When moms got me, I was the furst boy-dog she had in a longs time. She also hads four girl-dog doxins at the time, so she thoughts it be cute if I had a 'manly' type name. So she named me Dude. And untils Rooney came alongs we were always known as "Dude and The Girls"

My mom DID want to rename me one time.......I almost becomed Walter (!?!?! we not sure bout her sometimes)


When moms got me, she had four other dogs and I was her Fifth doxin in bouts six years. So she was kinda running out of name ideas at that time. (wonders why) It tooks her almost two months, but she finally decided on the definition "the same, me too, again". She really wanted to name me Etc. instead, but that sounded a little weird (like this has ever stopped her befores) Strangely enoughs she hasn't evers really tried to change my name.

This is Dude and The Girls. Dude is the handsome young boy in the middle and that is me, Ditto, as a baby puppy in front. The others are our sisters who have gone on to da Bridge (Jazz, GigEm and Olive Oyl)
circa 1997

Well, that is the story of our names.........or at least our names fur now heeeheee.Ifs you ever see me posting to the bloggie and my name has changed....YOU KNOW SHE IS AT IT AGAIN!!

Your furrend,

Minna Krebs

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day, America!

We hope all our furrends have a SAFE and HAPPY 4th of July Holidays!

My mom and Harley Man are preparing for tomorrow's big family and friends Barbie-Q in da country at Lucy's yard!

Harley Man is already there barbie-Qing two briskets, pork BUTTs, chickens and sausages on da giant pit. My mom is busy cooking all the fixings to go with this Meat-o-thon! I am relieved to know that they is really NOT grilling those skinny dolls for this event....butt, I am a little bothered by the fact that they are cooking up so many sausages. That hits a little close to home, ya know.

Unfortunately, we don't gets to go....sigh.... Butt, we plans on having a big Pawty here at the house whiles they be gone (will they ever be sorry for leaving US behind)

In da meantime, we be hanging at the pawsome Luau and Hawaii pawty...AND we have our name game post all ready to go for Frankies Name Game tomorrow (if my moms will ever quit tweeking it)

Friday, July 2, 2010

We are Ready for Honorooroo Pawty

Ditto is getting together all the fixins for Mai Tais and Daquiris....

Now where did Minna Krebs go with the little paper umbrellas ?!?!!

The weekend is here and Its Five O'Clock Somewhere!! Pawty ON!!!