Monday, December 27, 2010

Bet you didn't get one of THESE from Santa

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas round here!   We hope all you furrends had a WONDERFUL Christmas too!

Butt, I just HAVE to share with you da most wonderful   interesting  unbelievable words cannot explain pressies from Santa.

So on Christmas mornings we all woke up to see what Santa had left fur us!!!       My momma and Uncle Tommy~da HarleyMan settled in with there coffee next to da Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, and prepared to open their pressies to each other.

So far, it was a typical Norman Rockwell "Its a Wonderful Life" moment, right?!!?!!

Then my momma opened her pressie from Uncle Tommy~da HarleyMan........and her let out a 'gasp"

"Is it Jewelry, my momma? "
"Is it one of them new cars with a GIANT bow on top, my momma?"
"Is it another brudder or sissie, my momma?"    fat chance....
"Is it something extra romantical, my momma?"

It was none of the above............
Are you ready to see a foto of my momma's pressie from UncleTommy~da Harley Man?
Her just had to take a foto to preserve this wonderful moment

Are you ready?
You think you are.........butt prolly not....
Wait fur it

Well, you did mention that you needed a new one.....
Yepppers, your eyes are not playing tricks on you............

Her got a Toilet Seat!!!!

Here is another foto, just fur proof..... least it comes with free installation......


I guess da "Honeymoon Is Over"..........

Now to be pawfectly honest, he also bought my momma a furry wonderful new car stereo that he had installed in Big Red fur her.
So, he just wanted to get her a few gifts to open on Christmas a new flashlight and a new toilet seat!!!!!!!    Bwahahahahhahahaa

So, like I said........."Bet you didn't get one of these!!!"

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Legend of the Animals

There is a wonderful legend shared by many countries that animals talk at midnight on Christmas Eve. 

Now according to legend, at least, Christ's birth occurred at exactly midnight. Inside the stable, the animals watched in wonder as the new-born babe was lovingly wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger. Suddenly, God gave voice to the animals and immediately they began to praise God for the miracle they had just seen. This went on for several minutes and, just before the entrance of the shepherds -- who had hurried to the stable because angels had told them the Christ had been born there -- the animals again fell silent   The legend of the talking animals persists to this day in Scandinavia. And every Christmas Eve, wide-eyed children creep into stables just before midnight to hear the animals 

We will be spending Christmas at Lucy's House, so maybe my momma will sneak out to her barn at Midnight "just to check"

Here are a few other Christmas Animal Legends we found very lovely:

Native people of the Americas tell of deer who kneel on Christmas night, looking to the sky as if praising the Great Spirit. Cribs handcrafted by tribes of the United States and Canada include the fox, buffalo, and the bear in their mangers.

On Christmas Eve in Britain, bees gather to hum hymns and oxen and cattle rise in their stalls or kneel in adoration of the new-born king. 

Spiders provided the original version of tinsel by decorating trees with cobwebs. Legends credit Santa or angels or Jesus for turning the gray webs into gold and silver. To this day, it is said that every tree should have a spider ornament to acknowledge the happy spirit of the Christmas spider.

Santa provides for the animals as well as children according to European legend. He places grain all about for them on Christmas Eve. Polar bear cubs know that Santa only comes after they go to sleep. In his off time, Santa is known to play with the animals around his North Pole home as well as feed and care for them.

Tabby cats received the letter “M” for Madonna on their forehead as a reward for a tabby kitten comforting baby Jesus in the manger. 

The robin is said to have fanned the flames by flapping her wings all night to keep the new-born warm. The robin's chest became red from being kept painfully close to the flames for so long.

Wishing all our furrends a safe and happy and healthy Christmas !!!!! WE all know......of, course, the animals DO talk on Christmas Eve!

~~Holiday Hugs~~
The momma~Cheryl, Minna Krebs, Rooney, Ditto, Pickles, Lucy and Justice

Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Open Letter to Santa

from my Brudder, Rooney

Dear Santa, 
I have been a pretty  very good dog this year.  (me and my momma have already come to terms over that unfortunate incident with the pillow I think its all good)

So, for Christmas this year, I am dreaming of da Lovely Francine.......

Now, Santa, I don't want you to get confused, since the Lovely Francine looks an awful lot like her cuzin, Frankie Furter, the Mayor of Blogville and USPS Mascot.   Frankie lives up north on his own hill, BUTT, the Lovely Francine is currently living and working in the Crescent City of New Orleans

This is FRANKIE >>>>>>>>>>>>

This is FRANCINE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Notice the difference?   

So what I am really hoping for in my Christmas Stocking is a round-trip, all expense paid, first class BUS TICKET to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!   

If you need assistance with the bus ticket, Santa, you can probably talk to my furrend Bunny at Tales and Tails blog.

I will be waiting patiently at the corner.....

It would be wonderful to spend a few days with my sweetie....watching the parades, sipping Hurricanes in the French Quarter and nomming on Oysters to our hearts content!

Oh, and one more request Santa.    Would you please deliver this to Francine from ME???????????


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Doxin Reindeer and My Cards

My momma found this video and just HAD to share! It makes her go "squeeeeeeeeeeeee". I just hope her don't get any ideas fur us.....

Now I just have to say THANK YOU fur all the wonderful Christmas Cards and ECards that we have received this year!!  and a BIG thanks to all da Christmas Card Exchange Organizers!!!! 
My momma has them mailed to her office, and Miss Lynnie and Miss Denise have had SOooooo much fun sorting da through da boring office mail everyday, and putting all MY cards in my momma's mailbox!   They can't wait to check da mail everyday now!   We are all going to be so sad when Christmas is over, and don't have wonderful cards to look for in the day's mail.

My momma has posted them all on her office door, so everybuddy can see them!
Miss Lynnie and Miss Denise and Miss Yo posing with all my cards
View from my momma's desk.  Note there is no space left fur da  actual works files!  

CloseUp of da Peanuts singing ornament my momma got this year.
Note: Her bought this da day her had to RUSH OUT to find a Peanuts SnowGlobe like Pip has........her didn't find a snowglobe, butt did find this Ornament that actually had soundclips from da Charlie Brown Christmas!

And speaking of Snoopy stuffs.........................................................................Look at ALL da Snoopy loot that Jazzi's mom sent to my momma!!!   Her was going squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all over!!
Even Snoopy Tissues!!

It even had a Snoopy Christmas Car Magnet that my momma went right out and stuck on da Tailgate of  Big Red!!  (excuse da Pitiful foto.......butt you gets da idea)    Now even Big Red is in da Snoopy Christmas Spirit!
Thank You, Jazzi Mom!!!

We are all ready for Santa to arrive ........ butt it doesn't feel very Christmas-like in Houston yet.   We have been having almost 80 degree days, and **gasp** my momma even put da Air Conditioner on yesterday!    
Obviously we will NOT have a White Christmas here.      So we just go round to your blogs to get in da Spirit of Christmas weather!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Shopping on a Sunday

Pickles here........with my first Official Blog post to tell you about my ***gasp** shopping spree with my momma
It all started out very exciting.   I got to go with my momma all by myself for some last minute Christmas purchases, and guess where we went!   Petsmart AND Petco!!!
Yep, my first shopping trip and we got to hit BOTH of the Dog MegaStores in one trip!

WOW!  This is amazing.   Let's go see what we can find for you to buy me!

Hmmmmmm.....these pig ears and cow hoof look very interesting.  
And I do believe they are on sale today!   We should stock up!

Will you look at the SIZE of this Dog Food Bag?!?!?!?!?!?

Then "IT" happened.

My momma spotted the Christmas clothes and outfits.    And look what she selected for me...

Now, I really will tolerate wearing a hat every now and then (it seems to make her happy). 
But, her found it necessary to have me WEAR IT AROUND THE STORE like this.......Price Tag and All!

And it even gets WORSE.......

When I looked closely at the price tag, it was labeled
Cat Apparel !!!

Yep!  Her bought me a CAT Hat!

I just hope that hunky-looking Labrador didn't notice I am wearing a Santa Hat for Kittehs!

This is soooooooo embarassing.  I may never be able to show my face in this Petsmart again!!

On our way to the truck, with me trotting along the sidewalk, looking quite festive in my Cat Santa Hat, we noticed this display.......

It looks like a Stuffed Sibe Convention!!!!!!

Aren't they cute?!?!?!?!    Looks like my blog Sibe furrends!

Shopping is Exhausting!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pressies fur Pickles and Other Stuffs

My momma let my sissie, Pickles, open her Christmas Exchange pressie.  Let's face it, there ain't much room under our Charlie Brown tree, to keep them stored under there fur long.
Her got these wonderful gifts from da beautiful Penny (aka Mrs.Penny-Furter)   This pressie came all da way to us in Texas from Canada!!!

Da furst present was this festive Holiday Kong Wubba.     Now how did Penny know that Wubbas are our all time favorite squeeky toy???????

Butt, Pickles 'sniffed out' something else in her pressie-pack......

"I smell something dee-lish" in here......"

Now this part is ****not fur Zona's brudder and sissie, Wally or Stella's eyes******

Its a big ol' package of DUCK TENDERS!!!!!


We have never had Duck Tenders befores..................butt let me tell you......these are THE MOST Scrum-diddly-lishous treats we ever had!!!!!!!!

Here I am.........sneaking into da foto my momma was trying to take of Pickles with a Duck Tender.    I just couldn't control myself.   I had to go in fur da steal!
Pickles: Back OFF, little black dog.  You are in my shot

  I had to 'explain' to Pickles that around this house, we 'share' all our treats and pressies.
Her is having a bit of an issue with this concept

Thank you so much to Penny fur da wonderful pressies!!!   We ALL are enjoying them so much!!!   And I guess my momma is going to have to surf da net fur a 'Dealer' in Duck Tenders!!

Oh momma wanted to share a foto of her Transport Passenger from this week.
He was a SUPER SWEET Tweenie size Dachshund Boy.
He had a very unusual marking on his nose, though.  My momma didn't hardly notice it in person, butt it sure shows up in da fotos (that is prolly due to my momma's horrible foto taking abilities)
He had alot of extra 'black parts' around his nose.  My momma didn't think it was a scar, maybes some kind of skin problem.
No matters, my momma thought he was beautiful...........and her named him SPIRIT.  (cuz he had such a sweet spirit, and da Chrismas Spirit and he needs da Fightin'Texas Aggie Spirit to get all betters soon)
We wish you a forever home, soon, Spirit!

And we continue to keep our paws crossed fur da Lovely Lorenza!   We have her in our thoughts and are hoping fur good news on her test results.   Wouldn't that be da best Christmas pressie ever!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OUR Christmas Tree

We have been enjoying seeing da fotos of everybuddy's beautiful Christmas Trees and Holiday Decorations. So I told my momma, that I would like to share some fotos of Our "Tree"

 See our Hero Snoopy and Charlie Brown.........

Remember this Image........

Here is OUR Tree..........................................................Notice any resemblence?!?!?!?!

My sissie, Pickles was speechless was my momma brought this "tree" home......(fur all you furrends outside of Texas......notice that we have NO snows....only brown leaves fur Christmas)

Pickles tried to get into da Spirit of Christmas and have her foto taken Underneath da Christmas Tree.........butt sadly her did not really fit.

Oh well, its da thought that counts, and my momma is all happy and excited to setup her Charlie Brown Tree. One added bonus, is that the after Christmas "take down" is easy-peasy!!

My momma might be taking this whole Snoopy/Peanuts thing a little far, do you think?!?!?!?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dachshund Taxi - Now in Service

My momma has always been inspired by Miss Khyra and Mayzie and Shawnee and other blogfurrends who are involved in Rescue Transport.

So, just this week, an opportunity came up fur my mom to join one of our local Dachshund Rescue Groups as a Transport Volunteer.   And yesterdays, our truck, Big Red was transformed into 


And here was her very first passenger:

He is a Beautiful Red Standard Boy that her picked up from our County Dog Shelter and transferred to a local Vet Clinic for checkup, treatments etc before he is put up for adoption by Dachshund Rescue (just like where I came from)!

The Rescue Intake Volunteer Coordinator identifies dachshunds left at City, County and Other HighKill Shelters and contacts volunteer transporters to go 'bail them out' of these places.

In fact, when da Co-ordinator furst contacted my momma about her 'First Mission', this beautiful boy had already been placed in line for "that very very very bad place" at the County Shelter.

He was a very sweet boy during the transport adventure with my momma.  He was da perfect gentleman

Now here is da funny part..........................................
As part of her Transport Duties, my momma takes fotos of da Rescue Pup for the Groups website (this is NOT her strong point)................AND her gets to select the NAME fur the dog!!!  


Do they know WHO they are asking to pick out a name fur a new dog?!?!?!
Have they talked to my new sissie-who-FINALLY-got-a-name, Pickles?!?!?!

So, depending on locations fur da Transport, my poor indecisive momma has approximately two hours to decide on a name fur da new Rescue!  Sheesh!

The Rescue Group is currently using a College Theme fur dogs coming into the may I present:
Raider Red!

We wish him da best while he is at da Vet Clinic getting all checked out and "snipped".   And then we wish him a new Furever Home with da Quickness!

Monday, December 6, 2010

What's In a NAME ???

Ever since my new sissie came to live with us a few short days ago (October 16th to be exact!) my momma has been thinking and thinking and trying out many new names fur her.

Me and Poor-prolly-will-never-have-a-name-of-her-own Sissie held several conferences to try and help my momma out in this process

You look like a Krebs dog to you want to be Mona Krebs?

We even had a few 'spats' over what we thought da most pawfect name should be..........
You mean you don't like da name Minna Jr ???

Frankly, da poor thing got tired of da whole naming process.........

"Wake Me When You Decide........."

Then LOW and BEHOLDS, while my momma was watching da Texas A&M Football Game, a name POPPED into her head,   and her EXCLAIMED.......
This is the most perfect name for her!
And even Uncle Tommy-da HarleyMan agreed.........butt this might be because he was grateful her finally picked a name.  We may never know fur sure on this...

So please allows me to present my new sissie's name

Are you ready?!?!?!?!?!
Here it comes......
Drumroll Please
Isn't this exciting?????

My New Sissie.................

Pickles !

Yeppers folks, that is what we all waited almost two whole months for.... Pickles.   
Butt, her seems to like it, and most impawtently, my momma likes it and finally decided on a name.

Now to be official..........her is called
Pickles V. Sorrell

The V part is for Vlasic........Uncle Tommy came ups with that part, like the Pickle company.

Butt, da Sorrell part my crazy momma thought of, beclaws there is a kinda famous celebrity named of Pickles Sorrell.
Can anyones remember what TV Show (thats a hint) that Pickles Sorrell was in?
No fair Googling to find out....heeeheee

I knew it was gonna be something different...........
Pickles Vlasic Sorrell
butt you can call me Pickles !