Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Grand Prize Winner

Furst off, I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all da bloggers who pawticipated in celebrating my Gotcha Day by sharing their Story of Me!   I know that everybuddy enjoyed sharing and reading ALL the wonderful stories!    Me and my momma has read each and every one, and is still going back and re-reading and commenting.   It was sooooooooo much fun and I think that EVERYBUDDY had a WINNING STORY!  That is why I chose the winner with a random drawing 

Seconds off, we need to announce da winner of the Grand Prize of $50 Donation to a Charity of Your Choice.........

Now, don't go thinking this is a real foto of my momma (her only wishes)

The truth is that my momma had da Fever and Sickies ALL Weekend and really looked liked THIS....

Yeppers, it was a pitiful sight............her was camped out on da Sofa all fur four days... moaning and groaning.  Her was so pitiful that her did not even take any Fotos of ME having da Grand Prize Drawing fur my Winner!   sigh.

Since I have no fotos of da Big Event.......I will describe fur you....
We kept a Super Important List of everybuddy who pawticipated up to Sunday........then her put all da names on pieces of paper and I selected one blog furrend at random, using my very own nose and paws..........trust me, this was most exciting!

Are you ready for da Winner of my Grand Prize?!?!?!?

DrumRoll Please......


My momma will send you an email......so Miss Shawnee can Select her Most Favorite Charity, and I will have my momma make a $50 Greenpaper Donation in Shawnee's name to that Charity!!!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Story of Me

Furst off, I would like to thank everybuddy fur joining in on this Posting Pawty to help celebrate my designated Gotcha Day of Thanksgiving.   You are all da best!!

My momma has been collecting da names of everybuddy who pawticipates and we will have da drawing fur the Grand Prize Giveaway on Sunday!   I will announce da Winner, right here in BlogLand, on Monday's Post!

Now, fur A Story of Me....

What should I write???   My story is not too unusual

My Gotcha Story is just like all of my momma's Dachshunds.....Simple.
Her gets 'da itch' fur another dachshund, hunts around rescue, shelters, etc etc fur one, and goes to buy it.

This won't do at all..........I need a Gotcha Story with some intrigue and excitement
I need to write a Gotcha Story that is different than all da rest.     

Maybe if I just start writing.....it will come to me....

like he said................It was a dark and stormy night in January 2008.
My momma was snoring sleeping soundly, butt kept hearing da sound of a dog whining away.  This whining kept getting louder and louder and was keeping my momma from her much needed beauty rest.

My momma finally gets up to go check which one of her precious dogs was causing such a racket.
Suddenly, her noticed that the whining was not coming from inside our house......it was coming from the front yard!
Her peeked out da front bedroom window, and saw a young dog tied to a wooden stake right by da road!!
This young dog was whining and howling and twisting its body all around, trying to get loose from the wooden stake.
My momma goes outside and carefully walks up to this dog.   Her had troubles getting it loose from da stake, because it has wound the WIRE string tightly round the stake and could barely moves.   Also, da poor dog's collar was fur little puppy, and this dog was about six months old.   Da collar was so tight, her had to struggle to get it loose.

My momma took da dog into our backyards and fed it and gave it water.   Her thinks that some awful peoples dumped an unwanted Christmas Puppy because a large Christmas Holiday bag was found next to the wooden stake.

So you think this is the STORY OF ME, Minna Krebs, huh?


This is da story of how my Cousin Elvis Pawsley came into our lives......
Here is a foto of Elvis taken da vey morning he was dumped found

Would you tie this dog to a post?????

My momma didn't know what her was going to do with this handsome pup, cuz I had just come to live at our house two months earlier........and her was 'full up' with FIVE dachshunds at da time.

So, my momma called Uncle Chris and sent him da foto of da puppy.   He was 'kinda' looking fur a dog at the time......butt no too seriously.    He came over and met da puppy, and they fell in love at furst sight!!!   YAY!!!!!
He got da name Elvis Pawsley, cuz da morning he was dumped, was da Birthday of Elvis Presley... you prolly heard of him       (Notice my momma can come up withs all kinds of dog names fur other peoples dogs.....her is not so good at naming her own.  duh. )

Elvis went to live in da Lap of Luxuries at Uncle Chris' house.    He fit in really well.......except fur his extreme beagle puppy exhuberence!   Butt, many, many greenpapers in dog training later....he is a really good boy (mostly)

Butt da story gets EVEN BETTERS.   Uncle Chris was so happy with Elvis, they decided to gets him a partner!   So after much shopping, they got a girl dog from Houston BEAGLE RESCUE.   Her name is Whitney (yeppers, just like da Puddles sissie)

Here is Elvis now.......all grown up with his beautiful sissie Whitney.  (Note that foto was taken when they both caught in the act of relaxing on da Sofa without invitaion)

Happy Endings always make me tearful............................

And because this post should be da Story of ME......I will give you a brief rundown of how I came to live here at da Dachshund Spa.

My momma was looking and looking at da All Texas Dachshund Rescue website furevers.  Her fell in love with da foto of a Beautiful Red Smooth Hair Standard Female, named Vienna.   And this is what my momma really really wanted.  "A Red Standard Smooth Hair  Female Dachshund", please.

When da Head-Most Impawtent - Leader of All Texas Dachshund Rescue came to our house fur a home inspection visit, her met all my brudders and sissies.....and noticed that Sissie Ditto was a WireHair.
Her told my momma that a BIG BATCH of WireHair Dachshunds just came into Rescue because a Texas Breeder had gone out of business.....and they had specialized in WireHairs.

To  be honest, my momma was not too excited bout this idea......her wanted da Red Smooth Hair Dachshund.....butt, her  didn't want to say NO the Head-Most Impawtent Leader of Rescue, so my momma decided just to go take a look.

Her had to drive furevers to out in da country to visit the Foster Lady.  The Foster Lady had about a DOZEN WireHair Dachshunds PLUS a bunch of Rescue Rotweillers.....all in pens in her yard
Well, let me tell you, my momma was in Dachshund OVERLOAD!!!
There were WireHair Dachshunds Swarming all overs her!   Her had no idea how to choose one!  

So, my momma decided her should go home and 'sleep on it'........cuz the Elusive Red Standard Smooth Hair Dachshund was still on her mind.    

My momma told Foster Lady that she would think about it and get back with her...........THEN my momma got ready to leave and walked by the dog pen one more time on her way to the truck (this was when Big Red was actually working)


It was love at furst sight!!!!!    Yeppers, my momma fell in love with MY little NOSE and MY little lips!!!

I wasn't da most beautifuls that day, cuz I had lost alot of my furs (prolly poor nutrition at da breeder) and Foster Lady told her I was a nervous type, and very shy......butt NO matters to my momma...WE were meant to be!!!

Thanks to you all fur reading my story............Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
Hug Your Human Today!!

Love, Minna Krebs

A Familar and Sad Sight

Some of you may remember a recent "issue" my momma had with our beloved truck, Big Red.

Well, Big Red, is not so beloved anymores.........cuz look what just happened with Big Red AGAIN (insert more HBO words here)

The last time Big Red broke down, Mr. Wealthy Repairman couldn't find any problem, cuz Big Red started up like a champ at da Repair Shop.  So, my momma took Big Red home......butt knew da real problem was not fixed.

And........TaaaDaaa!  Sure enough, Big Red broke down again.   

 Now Uncle Tommy-da Harley Man teached my momma how to BANG on da gas tank underneath to get Big Red moving again (how REDNECK can my momma look like........crawling under her truck in da office parking lot to BANG on truck parts??????   I am glad that I was not around to be associated with this behavior)
 butt, alas.....that trick no longer worked.    See above foto fur evidence.

Now in case you wondering why my momma did not take Big Red to Mr. Wealthy Repairman, instead of using da above BANGING technique........."Mr. Wealthy Repairman-who we will NEVER use again" said he would not work on Big Red again until it would not start at all.  WTH????   

 Needless to say, after being stranded AGAIN, Big Red is on his way to NEW Mr. Repairman (soon to be wealthy)
See you laters, Big Red.....  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Now this was just a slight diversion in our preparations for Thanksgiving Day and all the fun posting pawties going on!     My momma and I are already enjoying the STORY OF ME that my furrends have posted.....and we be looking forward to see more!

And I think I have a new item to add to my shopping list for my momma (see above fotos) when I pawticipate in Frankie's Christmas Shopping Spree!

You can click on the sidebar badges, if you want details about these fun Thanksgiving posts.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's Talk Turkey

So by now, you might have guessed that my momma is a BIG fan of Snoopy and Woodstock

Well, last night her comes home with a BIG surprise fur us.....................................................

and I mean REALLY BIG.....................................................

Yeppers.....................her bought us da SUPER SIZED WOODSTOCK STUFFIE!!!!!      

My new-noname-still sister is trying to figure out how to handle a stuffie as long as her is!   My momma bought us a stuffie suitables for RH Mango-sized dogs!   Did my momma furget that her had dachshunds at home when her made this purchase???

and it gets WORSE........

OH THE HORROR!!!!!!   I am unable to watch as my other sister Ditto systematically works on de-stuffing poor Woodstocks.   
 Momma!  This is soooooooooo wrong!

Poor Woodstock..............

Don't forget!!!    Please join me in celebrating Thanksgiving and my Thankful Gotcha Day, by posting YOUR "Story of Me". 
  Remember you can write a post, share a foto, or whatever you wants......just share with BlogLand the Happiness of what it means to be YOU!    Here is da link to read more about it!!      And don't forget to remind me, by commenting, when you have posted it on your blog............. That will enter you in the BIG DRAWING to WIN $50 greenpapers to be donated to da charity of your choice!!!!!

AND there is more...................Frankie's Posting Pawty this week is a chance to share YOUR shopping list  fur your Humans!   ssssshhhhh......don't tell, butt I am thinking of buying my momma a gift certificate to da Shrink......her needs a little help!  

Sunday, November 21, 2010

5X Champion

We interrupt this dog blog fur a most impawtent announcement  (my momma is MAKING us do this, under threat of having to sleeps outside)

5X 5X 5X 5X 5X 5X 5X 5X


We (my momma) love you Jimmie!!!

Thank you fur you time........we will return shortly to our regularly scheduled blogging (thank dogness)

Friday, November 19, 2010

I am in BIG Troubles

Lucy here.
I'm keeping low because I have been in BIG trouble lately. 
It all started last week when I started crossing the cattle guard that separates MY yard from the house yard. You see, I noticed that all the BEST acorns are around the trees by the house.(who would think that having a donkey wandering around in the yard would cause such a problem?)  After all, it is Acorn Season, and Justice and I have pretty much depleted the supply of Acorns around my pasture.
Then I decided that, since I was hanging out in the yard, I might as well spend a little time on the FRONT PORCH, since it is a cozy place to hang out (why not?). 
 All of this has caused A LOT of HBO words to be directed at me......the loudest when I was spotted carrying the 'fake frog that lives in the birdbath' around the yard! (Who knew they were so attached to the fake frog??)
My thoughts are that if they DON"T want me crossing the cattle guard and hanging out in the yard, they need to get rid of the sign hanging on the fence....

To my Valued Customers:
My Avon orders may be a bit delayed.....I have been put on severe restriction by Uncle Tommy (don't tell him....but mom thinks its FUNNY)

I may need to take refuge at my BFF Tanks place for a bit.
Your Avon Rep-currently in Time Out

And in case you haven't heard.........Minna Krebs and Frankie are having a great Thanksgiving Post Pawty!  Click here or on my badges to read all about it~~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Share "The Story of Me"

Hello Furrends! My momma came up with an idea to help me, Minna Krebs, celebrate MY Gotcha Day!
You see, her cannot remember da exact day I came to lives here, butt it was in late November. Sooooooo, I decided to pick a day that is easy to remember, and I chose Thanksgiving!!! Thanksgiving is perfect, cuz I am thankful to be here, and her is thankful to have me, AND I can be a bit of a TURKEY sometimes too!! Heeeheee.

 I wanted to celebrate my Gotcha Day with all you furrends, so when Frankie had da most BRILLIANT idea to share adoption stories......I said to myself " Minna, this will be the perfect way to celebrate Gotcha Day with your furrends" and myself responded "Minna, I think you are right"..... 
Sooooo, here we are, and here are the details 

  •  Write a post about "The Story of Me".....that means you can include how you were adopted or rescued or borned...or how you came to live where you are now. OR, you can tell us something about yourself that makes you, YOU. Or even a special foto. This is your "STORY of ME" so no rules about that!   And of course feel free to change it to "THE STORY of US" for multi-pet homes!!!!!!

  • Publish you post during Thanksgiving time, Novembers 25th.......since you and your humans are busy during that time, you can either 'pre post it' or post anytime during the ThanksgivingI week! (I will be celebrating all week long. heeehee) 

  • Be sure and leave me a comment or send an email, and I will keep track of everybuddy who pawticipates....cuz here is da BEST part!! 
    • In lieu of pressies fur my Gotcha Day, me and my momma are gonna put everybuddy's name in a dog bowl and randomly pick one pawticipant to receive The Story of Me Grand Prize! As the Grand Prize, my momma will contribute $50 Greenpapers to the Animal Charity of YOUR choice, and in your NAME!!! 

Don't furget about Frankie's pawsome shopping spree post! I am already planning on what I want to give my momma fur Christmas. Here is the link to Frankies post that explains it all! How fun that will be!!!!!   (You can also combine these two events in one post if you like)

and please feel free to SNAG my badge and Frankies, too!!    Help spread the word that BlogLand is going on a Shopping Spree and sharing our Stories of Me!!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Tribute

to some VERY special veterans we know......

My momma has been a member of a special group called da Soldier's Angels.  This group supports current Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan by matching you up as an "Angel" with a Soldier during the term of his or her deployment.  You support them by writing letters, sending care packages, etc.

Well, my momma has had the privilege of being matched up with Soldiers in the "K-9 Corps" and getting to support the Soldier AND his MWD (Military Working Dog) 

So in honor of Veteran's Day, I would like to introduce you to a different kind of veteran that proudly serve our country.......the Military Working Dog

MWD Rony - This handsome guy was our first Military Working Dog.  His handler was Spc. Eric and they were deployed in 2005.   We got lots of fotos from Rony, and we understand that after Eric completed his tour that Rony would begin duty here in the states, helping to teach other dogs.

MWD Kimberly - This beautiful GIRL had a special love for balls, as you can see in her foto.   We loved sending her Big Dawg Treats and Toys

MWD Brit - This was our latest MWD, the handsome Brit!  

Here are a few of our other MWD Furrends.........
MWD Gabe - Gabe and his handler kept all da Soldiers Angels updated on Gabe's activities and hijinks

MWD Nouska

And a few GREAT Group Shots!!!!

And my momma also wants to pay tribute to some very special Veterans in her life

Uncle Tommy-da Harley Man  - who served as a DoorGunner in VietNam.

and her beloved Daddy, who served in da Navy during WWII

Thank a Veteran today!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Truckless Wednesday

aka 'Why my momma came home crabby last night'. Yeppers,ol Big Red decided to break down on her. It was quite the event at the office bldg to have Big Red towed down 3 floors of da parking garage!
Now her is waiting fur call from wealthy Mr Car RepairMan. THEN her will REALLY be Crabby!
Sigh. There goes my new fall collar

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Snoopy Woodstock Classic

And now, a second post fur me today, because I do not want to devote any more time or attention to spam bloggers/commentors. 
 I will share one of my most FAVORITE Snoopy/Woodstock video clips! 

 This is a classic.........guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

From 50th Anniversary Peanuts....

Woodstock quickly became Snoopy's best friend.  He routinely takes Snoopy's gentle verbal digs and practical jokes in stride, and he does not hesitate to stand up for Snoopy.. 
When told that Woodstock was being attacked by the cat next door, Snoopy immediately rushed to his aid, getting clobbered in the process (what the cat was attacking ended up being actually a yellow glove). 
Snoopy has often wondered what type of bird Woodstock is. At one point Snoopy attempts to identify him with the aid of a field bird guide . Snoopy finally gives up trying to figure it out, and hurts Woodstock's feelings by saying, "For all I know, you're a duck". Snoopy takes it back with a quick hug, at which point it becomes clear that it does not matter what type of bird Woodstock is; the only important fact is that he is Snoopy's best friend.

Enough said.......
Happy Tuesday to all my most pawsome blog furrends!!!

Now They Have Done It

A quick addendum to the post below, by Minna Krebs: My momma and her sometimes-pea-brain done come up with an Analogy fur these pesky cowards. Her thinks of them just the same as those crazy drivers that pull out in front of you, cut you off in traffic and/or tailgate you fur no good reason. Yeppers, you know the ones. They irritate the H-E-DoubleHockeySticks outta you fur da moment......butt they have no identity to you, cuz they is just da crazy driver in a stoopid car. Sooooooo, you might just HONK your horn at them (and maybe say a few HBO words) and then you continue on with your drive! That is how we feel about the spammers.......we will honk our horn and move on with our blogs.....they don't keep us from blogging and enjoying ourselves! And in da future we will just HONK and DELETE! heeehehehehehehheehee

I fully understand that cowardly, small-minded humans can only get their kicks by leaving hurtful comments on peoples blogs and they only want to irritate people and get attention.  Plus, I honestly believe this current rash of dog-blog stalkers is happily waiting to be acknowledged on this, and other, blogs.   I only intend to give about two minutes of my attention to them on this blog......the time it take me to write this post.

That said, I could not go without speaking when one of these small minded cowards leaves a comment on one of the best dog blog furrends out in Blogland........Puddles...and she is not the first furrend this has happened to.

If you don't like me or any blogger personally, then just don't read my blog.   It only takes a nano second to click this page closed and continue on with your life.  But some small minded cowards obviously feel the need to write hurtful and hateful comments.  And I can only describe them as cowards, because they set up fake blogs for the sole purpose of making these comments.

If your opinion matters so much and you feel like you have something important to say........why don't you finally stand up for yourself and have the guts to show a real identity?    I would enjoy a chance to   share my comments with you too.   Until then, you are now and always will be a small minded coward.

You have now taken three minutes (instead of the two I intended) of my life.......three minutes you did not deserve.   I'm done.

Monday, November 8, 2010

And We Shall Wear Hats.....

My momma took new sissie out fur a shopping spree on Saturday.
It was a FRIGID 65 degrees here in Texas, and my momma decided that her needed some Winter outfits (her was NOT gonna get any of my Minna Krebs Haute Couture)

Butt, my new sissie still has ALOT to learn bout the Training of Mommas.........You see, new sissie is a bit of a BIG suck-up to my momma, and will do anything my momma wants, or thinks is cute.

The plaid walking coat my momma picked out came with a matching HAT!!!   Eeeeeeekkk!   Now any self-respecting dachshund would REFUSE to wear da HAT.    If you ask me, the hat part of any outfit can go straight to da trash da extra clothes drawer.        Butt, noooooooooooooo.   Little-miss- new-kissup sissie decided to ACT like her LOVES to wear hats!

KissUp Dog with Hat

and the more my momma oooohs and aaahhhs over this.......the more her ACTS like her is liking da HATs

Her even walked around in da Pet Stop store (MY personal clothing store) and let other customers take her foto!   Then her sat on da counter and helped MY personal shopper, Mr. Pet Stop Guy, wait on da other customers.     
Sigh..............I think we are going to have to have a loooooonng nose to nose talk about this turn of events.  We can't have a Hat-lover in da house.   This gives my momma all kinds of crazy ideas.   Her was even trying to put a HAT on my brudder Rooney this weekend!!!   Thank dogness, he had his wits about him and shook it off immediately!  (now THAT is the proper dachshund reaction to wearing a HAT)

On da way home, little-miss-new-kissup dog was all worn out from her shopping spree..........Her even ACTS like her likes Hat while her is sleeping

Concerned about future clothing events,

Saturday, November 6, 2010


This is so exciting.........it looks like we got mail from the QUEEN OF ENGLANDS!

Look at this envelope that arrived at our house....if you looks real close, the stamp says ROYAL MAIL!  Yeppers, I think da Queen is sending us something special......

And I was RIGHT!
The package contained all the information on our Special Sponsor Dog from Dogs Trust.
We won this wonderful item during the Auction for Miss Shelby.
We got to chose which wonderful dog we wanted to sponsor, and we picked
Miss KIRA!!
Isn't she beautiful!    We just love, love, love her ears!!!

The package also had lots of information on Miss Kira and some other stuffs....including a neat-o membership card with Kira's piktur on it.

We will also get updates on Miss Kira three times a year!!!  Woohoo!  I be sure to keep you all updated on her progress.

I'm sure next time my new furrend, the Queen, mails me...she will be inviting me for Tea with her! So I better be practicing my best curtsey.......Heeeheee

Friday, November 5, 2010


A name! Here is my most pitiful face.....begging my momma to finally decide on a name fur me!
The same thing happens EVERY morning....Her announces 'okay, THIS is THE name', and then proceeds to call me Ella or Tilde~ or Danke or Woodstock or Weezie or Paulana or Whatever fur the day......then by evening, her is all 'I'm not sure that really suits you'.
This is the woman who spent an hour talking to da telephone peoples just to get the 'right' phone number, AND who has changed my brudder Rooney's name countless times!!   What can I expect........
Sigh. The NewSissieWithANewNameEveryday

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

100 Post - A Celebration of My Furrends

I can hardly believe it!!! I have made it to 100 posts!!! Whoever thought that with this humble beginning, a little german frau-dog would have enough to say fur 100 posts!!

When me and my momma started on this blogging journey, we never imagined what a wild and wonderful journey it would become.
My momma NEVER imagined that :

  • We would attend a Wedding for a dachshund and his TWO beautiful brides......and tell our human friends all about every detail
  • Ride in a UFO
  • Drink beer and eat cheetos and sip da KoolAid
  • Lucy would become a world class business entrepreneur
  • Rush to the computer/or hoofheld to check what our furrends are up to, and what they have to say
  • Meet furrends from all over the world, and feel like we know them from "down the street"
  • Shed a tear....or many....for furrends that have crossed to the Bridge.  
  • Be thankful for furrends that shared words of comfort when my own brudder Dude crossed to the Bridge 
  • and SO much more
Butt, our favorites thing about becoming part of BlogLand is all the LAUGHS that we have shared with you all!    Even on a non-so-good or crabby day in reality......we have been made to feel betters by sharing a smile, a giggle or a good ol belly laugh with our blogging furrends. 

Most days we feel just like our hero, Snoopy, does in this video..........(my momma thinks this is exactly how we looks when reading da blogs)


So join me in a Toast......you can raise your glass of champagne or beer or whatevers..........

"To Great Furrends"

MinnaK................................100 Posts and Counting