Sunday, November 21, 2010

5X Champion

We interrupt this dog blog fur a most impawtent announcement  (my momma is MAKING us do this, under threat of having to sleeps outside)

5X 5X 5X 5X 5X 5X 5X 5X


We (my momma) love you Jimmie!!!

Thank you fur you time........we will return shortly to our regularly scheduled blogging (thank dogness)


Beans4Biscuits said...

You momma is waaaay funny!!!

Your friendly Who, Sugar

Barbara said...

That is quite an accomplishment, but I want Dale back!

My Mind's Eye said...

Go Jimmie...we are glad you man is doing so well.
Hugs Madi and Mom

rottrover said...

and kyle bush needs to put that Grace Happens badge on his car. just sayin'

Scooter said...

YAY!! My Mom is much and is so happy that we all can hardly stand her, LOL
I knew he could do it!!


Taffy said...

Minna, I'm not much of a race fan but if your mom gets as happy as my dad does when the chiefs win then I totally understand. Congrats to Jimmy!

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

We saw that. Daddy always has that on. Blog Mom is not such a fan but she doesn't mind having it on and she heard a lot of discussion about greatness and things.

lotsa licks, Lola

Lorenza said...

Congratulations to Jimmy!
Kisses and hugs

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Sometimes you just gotta let them take over and get things out of their systems!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

3 doxies said...

Oh law haves Mercy...I bets your mom was dancin' round da living room (you left dat part out)too. At least ya'll will all gets to eat...hehehe!
Congrats to Jimmie Johnson and his "future wife"...hehehe!


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Jimmie!!!

Hope your mom gives you her bed and couch now!

Remington said...

Congrats! I saw that Jimmie had won. Do your victory dance!

Unknown said...

Congrats!!! Although we have no idea who he is :)

hehehe. Hope you get to sleep inside now!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi new friends,
I can over from Frankie's blog. I have been having computers troubles for a long time and today so far she is working good!!! I am interested in your rescue story. Do you want it on my blog or your comments??????? Please come over and tell me, thank-you.
XO, Bambi (dog) & Fern (mom)

Alien said...

Hmm. I don't know this person. But he must be great if your momma likes him. She has good taste.


George The Lad said...

I can see your mom likes to be in the driving seat lol!!!
See Yea George xxx

Levi said...

Your mamma is a silly two legger :)