Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Lucy Style

Lucy is a very self-sufficient donkey.....she LOVES to take herself on a walk.....


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We Are Loved! and the New Motorcycle

Furst off, we have to wish a belated birfday to Uncle Tommy aka HarleyMan! We was so busy with all the celbration activities for hims this weekend, that we didn't post our well wishes to him heres!

Seconds off, I haves to show you a really WONDERFULs thing that he dids for US.

I haves to give you a little background informations, so you will be ables to appreciate it. Now da reason we calls him HarleyMan, is cuz thats how our Moms referred to hims when she furst met him, and befores they fell in love (sigh). Now, he has this name OBVIOUSLY (duh) cuz he rides a Harley motorcycle....but he takes it to da extreme! (Mom's description, not mine) He loves his Harley almost mores than Moms loves her dachshunds!! (unfathomable, ain't it?) Whens he isn't riding it, he is cleanings on it or spending his greenpapers to buy things for it. (and Mom sez Harleys use up ALOT of greenpapers!)

Well, bouts six months ago, HarleyMan bought a brand new Harley. (I thinks he had to load up his truck full of greenpapers to buy it) With the new bike, he has spent more time than ever, tinkering wifs it and getting it 'just right". So one day, he takes the new Harley to a mans that does specialty painting to puts some pin-striping on it. (all the while, Moms keeps wondering why he has to do so much to a NEW motorcycle)

I knows you are getting antsy bout here comes the good part.... When he takes Moms with him to pick up the new Harley and see the pin-striping (lets say she was less than excited at this point) she found out that he had asked the paint man to put a SPECIAL SURPRISE on da back!!!!

And here it is......................................

We couldn'ts believe it!! The Uber-Tough, Tatooed, Leather Wearing Harley Man is now sporting a painted on DACHSHUND on da back of his new Motorcycle!!!

Ain't it Great!?!?!?


PeeS......our Moms thinks he did it cuz he loves her so much. We keeps letting her thinks that...but we REALLY know its because he loves us dachshunds!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Very Impawtent News !!

Furst off, I have the results of my Paw It Forward for Paws In Need collection.
I hads to borrow Moms real accountant calculator to add up all the green paper amounts to be donated in honor of all you furrends who pawticipated

Whew! I haves them all counted up now....I checked and double checked my Debits and Credits.
Can I have a drumroll please???
The GreenPaper Totals are:
Grey Muzzle Foundation - $80 Greenpapers
Dachshund Rescue of Houston - $60 Greenpapers

Wow, Isn't that Pawsome!

I am so excited to be able to sends off these you haves your greenpaper plastic card ready, Mom?? Heeheee

Seconds off, butt just as impawtant, I am honored to accept this award from MilShelb ! It made it so much mores special to me, cuz they awarded it on the date of their 100th Post! Congratulations girls on this auspicious milestone in your blogging career!

I was so happy to receive this award, that I had Moms print out a copy fur me.
It has been a very busy....but happy weekend! I can't waits to see what is in store for this week!

Thanks again to everyone who pawticipated in my PIF. We will do it again sometimes! What is better than furrends helping out dogs and kittehs in need?


Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Most Special Surprise

We received a PAWSOME package from our dear furrend, Maggie Mae, the other day. Its was a big box of goodies that she sent to us through Paw It Forward.

Now, evens though only I (Minna Krebs) signed up for her PIF....hers and hers mom were generous enough to send pressies for all four of us! Can you believes how nice they are?!?!

Rooney sez...."Look at this personalized card that Maggie Mae sent to us.... gather rounds everybuddy and I will reads it to you...."
Minna Krebs sez..."Ditto, can you believes all this loot that we gots?? It is betters than Christmas!"

Minna Krebs sez... "Looks Moms...this is in my signature color, PINK ! "

Dude sez..."I thinks if I am really quiet, I can just slide on in here and snatch this stuffie from her"

"ahhhh....sweet victory!"

Ditto sez.. "No worries, I will just open up this pawsome bag of snacks! nom, nom, nom. You keeps taking pikturs Moms, and don't worry bout me "

Dude, the World Renown Stuffie Expert sneaking off with TWO of stuffies in his mouth at one time....BOL!

Thank you, again, Maggie Mae and hers mom! We had a wonderful evening opening our PIF package.... Moms thought it sounded like a STUFFIE SQUEEKY CHOIR at our house

..and brudder Dude continues to enjoy ALL four of the stuffies you sent. (we do sneak in and play with 'em every now and then when he isn't looking)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paw It Forward for Paws In Need

Hello Furrends!

Furst off, I have to give a big bark-out and high-paw to our good furrend, Maggie Mae! We received our Paw It Forward special box from hers yesterday and were all OVERWHELMED at the pawsome pressies she sent us! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Seconds off, I have to gives my mom a big ol "pffffft" and this is whys..She took lots (like a million) pikturs of us opening our pressies from Maggie Mae. BUTT, when she tooks the camera to da office to jump them to her computer, she realized that she had lefts the camera cable at homes (we don't know how she survives sometimes without our helps.....she can be so absent-minded...sigh) Anywho....she promised to upload our Paw It Forward pikturs tomorrow. So be on the lookout for them. (I thinks one of the ones of me is pawticularly fetching.. heehee)

Thirds off, my moms came up with a TWIST on our part of the Paw It Forward game. Since so manys of my furrends have recently played, or are currently playing, we decided to bends the rules a bit instead of picking 3 furrends that reply to this post, and then send pressies. I hopes nobuddy minds.

So here goes the Minna Krebs rules for PIF....I calls it Paw It Forward for Paws in Need.
We will make a contribution of $10 green papers in the name of each of our bloggie furrends that replies to this post.

Moms picked two rescue groups that she really likes that you can choose your 'contribution' to be made to:

Grey Muzzle Organization is a wonderful group that assists rescue groups and shelters in helping SENIOR dogs, that have troubles finding a new forever home later in life

The Grey Muzzle Organization - What We Do

Houston Dachshund Rescue is one of our local rescue groups that places (surprise!) dachshunds. I believes our dear Miss Mona comes from Houston Dachshund Rescue
Dachshund Rescue of Houston

Now if you has another animal group that you woulds prefer, just let my moms know in your reply.

So feel free to help me Paw It Forward for Paws In Need! Just leaves a comment with the rescue group that you would like to have $10 Greenpaper donated to....I hopes we can gather up LOTS of greenpapers to helps these pawsome organizations!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Lucy's view on life....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Introducing My "Sister" ... Lucy !

After the week long refrigerator trauma and a broked-down truck (but its fixed now), my moms decided it was time to goes to the country to see "HER Lucy".
Now, Lucy is technically just our step-sister since

(A) she lives in da country, not at the big dog house with us

(B) she is not a wienerdog....

(C)she is not only NOT a wiener dog...she is NOT a dog at all.....

She is a DONKEY!

Nows, you aren'ts supposed to tell Lucy she is a Donkey. She thinks she is just a big ol' doggie...and sometimes she thinks she is a hooman! sigh....

Moms just loves her to death....when she gets to the country, hers and Lucy hugs each other and hangs out together fur hours and hours and hours.

My mom thinks she is just the most beautiful girl. We weinerdogs discuss this quite often, and can't quite sees the attraction. I means, really.....she has such long legs and big, tall ears that don't even hang down! But she does have quite a personality and does lots of funny we took a vote and decided she could be our step-sister.

I wish we could all lives together in da country....but my moms keeps 'splaining bout needing to live in the city fur now....something bout needing to makes enough green papers at her work. (sigh...)

I dont know bout all that. I think it would be just lovely fur us all to lives together all the time.

"Til next weekends, Lucy.....a big kiss on the nose!"


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saga of Refrigerator Finale

Moms prevailed! Afters many calls (like 1000s) and a 'few' HBO words, the mens came and puts the fridgie in da kitchen.
Ditto is keeping guards on it for a few days...just in case Rooney gets any bright ideas bout moving it back to da sofa room.
So ends the drama of da fridgie!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Refrigerator Delivery Saga Continues

Moms is all irritated with the hoomans that delivered and 'installed' our new fridgie..can you tell why?

Rooney thinks it will be VERY convenient to get snacks while watching TV.....sigh...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sprechen Sie Deutsche? - Germany Part II

Guten Tag, furrends

This is my second installment featuring Germany. In case you missed part one, I am pawticipating in MAXMOM's initiative to celebrate the World Cup in her beloved South Africa. Jump on over to her blog to find out more!

Now, did you notice I was speaking Germans to you in my greeting and in my blog title?? That was a hint, cuz today's installment will feature a few German language words everybuddy should know.

Here a few basics:
1. Der Hund - means DOG!

2.Die Katze - means The CAT!

3. Das eichhörnchen - The Squirrel (I thinks this is a very funny word for squirrels)

Now on to a few more advanced vocabulary items...

Ich - means 'I"

Lieben - to love

Computernetz das eine Kommunikation - Internet/Blog

Freund - friends

Now to put all of this information together in a sentence, let's see if you can understand this.....

Ich liebe meine Freunde im Computernetz das eine Kommunikation

Auf wiedersehen! or should I say, Arf wiedersehen.... BOL!

The WeinerDog Pit Crew

All this racing talk lately reminded me of a super-cool piktur that I wants to share with you.

My Moms and I are big NASCAR fans.....actually all us doxins in da house are NASCAR fans (you gots to be in our house....moms gives you no choice heehee) Now she isn't just a regular NASCAR fan...she is prolly the worlds biggest Jimmie Johnson/Lowes 48 Car/4 time champion fan!! She been a fan of his since he was just a young thing, and befores he got all famous and winning all the times. a little side-tracked there....Anyways a few years ago a very, very good hooman friend of my moms decided to have a very special pressie made for her. So he had a real artist make a piktur of her two very most passions in life....that woulds be:
No. 1 - Her darling weinerdogs (of course!)
No. 2 - Jimmie Johnson NASCAR - the No.48 Lowes Car

So this real artist designed a piktur of a WeinerDog Pit Crew (a Pit Crew works on a NASCAR during da racing) and he used moms own dogs for the faces in the piktur!!

Enough of my 'splaining.....heres a piktur of the piktur:

Now I am nots in the piktur, since the real artist painted this before I was adopted. And three of my moms doggies in the piktur have since gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, but you can see my brudder, Rooney and sissie, Ditto in the front of the piktur (they is dressed in little fire-suits and pretending to be tire changers) and brudder Dude is in front of the car with headphones on.

The real painting is big and hangs on da wall at my moms office. She gets to look at it when she is working hards...and gets to think about her passions.

Thats all for now...


Monday, June 14, 2010

Gentlemen...Start Your Engines!

oops...wrong type of racing. (me and Mums are big NASCAR fans, so I gets kinda carried away sometimes)

Rooney decided he would get in a little practice time for the upcoming WeinerDog Races. He actually doesn't think he needs to practice at all (he thinks he is all fast and stuffs) but Mums and Uncle Tommy thought a few 'run throughs' might be in order.

I (Minna Krebs) opted out of this training I will be your official race comments-tater.(sorry the pikturs are not real clear...all Mums had was her dumb cell phone camera)

Here is Rooney, checking out the practice course...looks like the track is in goods condition today, so should make for fastest racing

Getting in a prerace warm-up and stretch. Gotta keeps those muscles limbered up ya know...

and here they come...Rooney makes a move to the inside of Ditto on Turn 4....

....and leaves her in his dust down the home stretch as he crosses da finish line
some mores stretching post race....

and he heads to Victory Lane to meet his adoring fans...

Hey, where did all his adoring fans go???? Heeheehee, I psyched him out, there was nobuddy there butts me! Good works, Rooney, you deserve a rest.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unity in Diversity - Germany

Guten Tag! (that would be German for Hello/Good Day)
Furst of all, A big thanks to MAXMOM for her Unity in Diversity blogs during the World Cup. I decided to pawticipate, and OF COURSE, my country of choice is GERMANY.

I thoughts the choice was obvious (heehee) since the dachshund country of origin is Germany. Butts, my mums family heritage and my name are also German!

I thought I might begins with sharing with you what my 'extensive' research has found about the dogs of Germany....

Dachshunds have traditionally been viewed as a symbol of Germany.
And beclaws of the association of the breed with Germany, the dachshund was chosen to be the first official mascot for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, with the name Waldi. What an honor!!
Here's Waldi......

Wows....I found 43 breeds in all that haves their origins in Germany. I didn't know that so many of my furrends were fellow Germans! I, of course, am most knowledgeable about the dachshund but some other German dog breeds are:
German Shepherd (duh!)
Doberman Pinscher
Great Dane
Poodle (who knew??)

During my German dog research, I founds a few breeds that I have never, ever heard I thought I would share a few with you:
Here is the Kromfohrländer. A very handsome dog with a BIG name

Here is a photo of the Large Munsterlander. Another handsome dog with an even BIGGER Name

And last, but certainly not least, my personal fav, the Pudelpointer! What a beautiful dog with a Pawsome name!!

Well, I hopes you enjoyed this little tour of the Dogs of Germany......we definitely are a diverse group.
Be on the lookout for my next Germany post on the 18th (the next time Germany plays in the World Cup)

Auf Wiedersehen

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ready, Set, GO !!

Oh my dog, can you beeleevs that my mums and her boyfriend (aka Uncle Tommy)are going to register my brudder, Rooney in the WeinerDog Races!?!? Uncle Tommy thinks that brudder Rooney is da most athletic and fastest of all of us. He is prolly right, even though I am younger than Rooney, I am more concerned with my fashion and beauty to be bothered with racing. You gets all hot and messy during training, ya know, plus you can't run with a dressie on! BOL!

I will be sure an keep you updated on his progress and training regimen....

PeeS edited by Rooney....
The TRUTH why MinnaKrebs can't be in any races is that she is the worlds BIGGEST scaredy- cat (or should I say, scaredy-dog) My mums is afraids that MinnaK would collapse in a fit if the peoples at the wienerdog races made any kinds of big noise to start of the race. BOL! I thinks she would just stay in the starting box and never come out. Laters, Rooney

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WireHair Wordless Wednesday

My wirehaired sissie, Ditto, up close and personal......

Here she is relaxing on mums bed, acting all calm and stuff but she is really a wild child BOL

REALLY up close and personal....

Monday, June 7, 2010

I thought I was good at Roaching, butt this is this is crazy...

You prolly dont knows this, but I have a 'half-brudder' Justice. We don't look too much alike, but we DO haves sumthing in common.....Roaching!

Now, it is a well known fact that weinerdogs love to roach. But I cants compete with this "Super Size" Roaching......

Don't worries everybuddy...I know it looks like he was having some kind of conniption fit or sumthing, but Justice was in the corral to have some fly sprays put on. He stands all nice to get fly sprayed, but as soon as its over, he loves to roach in the dirt!

I said he was my 'half brudder' but he does not live with us here in the city...he lives in his country house with my sissie, Lucy (much MORE about her laters). Actually I thinks my brudder Rooney and 'half brudder' Justice looks alot alike.....

Here's Justice:

Here's Rooney:

Notice the similarities?? Okays I admit that Rooney is a little shorter, but other than that, I thinks they could be twins! BOL!

Happy Monday, furrends!
((Hugs)) MinnaK

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I hates to Brag...BUTT..

I have a new dress that suits me "Perfectly"! BOL!

Also, I am Paw-ticipating in the Saturday blog-hop, so I look forward to meeting lots of new furrends today!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Summer Is Here

Time to work on our belly-tans