Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No need for training classes

According to this chart, we already know ALL the tricks.   My momma can save her greenpapers and forget about enrolling us in any classes.   sweet

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Smile from Us

Yeppers, my momma has been playing with da Foto Effect software agains......Enjoy

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MangoMinster 2012 !!!!

Lucy Donkey here......pleased to submit MY entry to Mango Minster 2012 - Working Stiffs category
 (what else?)

Of course, my entrepreneurial spirit is known far and wide.  
I am sure many of you might have caught my recent cover in Forbes Magazine
(if you didn't see it at your local news-stand, I'm sure that is only because the issue was an instant bestseller)

One of the first business ventures I started was Lucy's Pet Sitting and Horse Walking Service.....this division has  expanded now to include 
Lucy's Personal Training and Fitness 

Your Experienced Personal Trainer, Lucy Donkey.  
Convenient Pricing Available - Call or Email for Details

Here, you can see Lucy with one of her customers, Justice the Horse, taking him around for an afternoon stroll around the pasture.....Boot Camp Class

Even the most hesitant client, can be gently (?) persuaded when walked and supervised by the experienced Lucy......... our motto is "We make Exercise FUN"

Come along, Big Guy.  Get the Lead out


"If it were easy, then everyone would look as good as me. "

"To feel fit as a fiddle, you must tone done your middle"

"That's enough for today.....take a few laps around the pasture and hit the showers"

I have several other Business DIvisions in my Entrepreneurial Empire:
During Tax Season, I have been known to pitch in and help prepare a few returns........

My motto is "GOT DEDUCTIONS???"

My Kissing Booth was all the rage!!!!
Stay in line, folks.........No pushing.  Everyone will get a turn

Let's not forget, my most successful and profitable business division to date.......
As your Blogville Avon Representative!!!!
Lucy Donkey, Avon Representative, at your service

In home consultations available (at a nominal additional charge)
From my world famous wrinkle cream to an unlimited variety of polish, lipsticks and perfumes......if it is beauty you need  want.....Lucy Donkey is your source for all things Avon!

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to ANNOUNCE my latest undertaking, which I'm sure will be another wildly popular and profitable Division...

Donkey D.J. and Karaoke!!

From Golden Oldies to Rock n Roll, Jazz or Country
Sing and Tap your Hoofs, Paws or Feet to Lucy's Magical Music
We specialize in.....
Bar Mitzvahs
Obediance Class Graduations
etc., etc.
Catch our Debut at the Blogville Valentine's Pawty!!!!!

Thank you for your time.   


Lucy Donkey
Your Avon Representative
Your Personal Trainer
Your Source for Music and Karaoke
Competitor - MangoMinster 2012
etc, etc, etc

Friday, January 13, 2012


My momma is OBSESSED....and NOT with a doxin!  

Her got this new-fangled machine that lives up on da kitchen counter.  No big deal, right?....WRONG.  This machine has taken over her mind, and negatively affected OUR lives. 

Before this machine came to live on da counter, her FIRST priority every morning was the care and feeding of the beloved doxins (us).   Now her gets all excited and giggly over which little white Nom-cup her is going to put in da machine!     We have been delegated to a distant second place.

And her is collecting those Nom-cups like they is going out of style!    She brings all different kinds home by the boxload, and delights in all the different flavors and varieties available.   They LOOK like cute little treats, butt trust me, these Nom-cups taste TERRIBLES.....cuz we tried to taste one that I stole from da trash can. Yuck!

I'm starting to get concerned. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordlessly Wednesday


Monday, January 9, 2012

Memory Quilt Squares

We have our contribution to the Memory Quilt, to honor the Houston Pittie Pack. 

We think they turned out just pawfect.  Especially the tribute of 5 Paws and A Rainbow for the Fearless Five!

Now my momma thought of da words and the general idea fur the squares....butt Uncle Chris created them on the Super-duper Embroidery Thread-Picture Machine Thingy he gots.   (dont want you to think MY momma is talented enuffs to hand stitch this stuffs! )

Click here to get instructions  on how to send YOUR special fabric squares to WHN  at Dachsies with Moxie.  Her is making this wonderful tribute for Miss Sandra, in memory of the Fearless Five.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Peep is a FLAKE

So, I has been struggling with this post all week.  Not because of lack of ideas.....butt because I decided I need to pare down my narrative to a manageble and readable length.  Truth is, a post about my momma's flakiness could easily resemble da novel, War & Peace, if I don't do some serious editing.

Some of the flakes that I have edited out (i.e. her crazy possum encounters, her Wally Marte issues, etc etc etc) because they have been addressed previously on this bloggie.  And I thinks you will easily get the idea, from the examples to follow:

I  present two sample little snippets for your reading pleasure.  Think of this as the Cliff Notes of Flakiness.

Example A:
There was the night (pretty long ago.....so you know the flakiness is NOT a recent development) her called our Uncle Chris in utter panic, because (angel sissie) Runway was having a most terrible allergic reaction to 'flea sprays'.   Her called him right up, and was in total hystericals and crying and going on and on like..
 "What should I do??? What should I do??? Can you help?? Can you Help?? "
Now, this may not seem so flakey on da surface............the flakey part was that my momma lives in Houston, Texas and her was calling up our Uncle Chris while he was living in Saudi Arabia!  The man was about 8000 miles away, with a 9 hour time difference!!!!
If her had her head on straight, her just might have come up with someone a little more local to assist her.   Sigh.

Example B:
Prolly the most flakey thing about my momma is her "issue" with Dog Names. 
Her is very particular about  our names and always wants to be sure that our name suits us just perfectly.   Again, this may sound like a normal thing........butt, in many instances, her has taken this to a truly flakey level.

  • Some of us have had very unusual dog names (these are her favorite).  As example, have you ever known a "Minna Krebs" before?  I think not.   Some of her other favorites were Icee Bear, Ubba Bear, and Runway.

  • Some of us (like my sissie, Ditto) went without a name for almost 4 months without a name (Pickles got her name in a mere 6 weeks)!!!!   All the while, my momma is studying every name known to man and dog, trying to decide on "the perfect" one.   She goes on for a day or so, calling us by the PRACTICE NAME, to see if it "Fits".  In most cases, it don't, so we are on to the next PRACTICE NAME.   

  • Some of us  have started out life with one name....and have had their name changed a few  several  lots of times.   Now, this is different from the example above, where her tries out a name for a day or two.   Her has let some of us live with a name fur months and months, and THEN her changes our name.

Olive Oyl  came with da name Sugar, when her was rescued.  
Then her became Tootsie
Then her became Toots
Then her became Olive Oyl.

My poor name-challenged brudder Rooney came with da name Mr. Rogy, when he was adopted.....over the next three years....
Then he became Mr. Dog
Then he became Mr. Rooney (her couldn't stop there)
Then he became Awesome
Then he became Daytona
Then he became Army
Then he became Shooter
Then he became Rooney (drop the Mr.)

(her has been tempted to change it again, in the past couple years, butt everyone refused to call him anything different)   Poor Rooney.   He has previously gone to da Vet office, only to find his last visit he was listed under a different name!!!   sigh.

I could go on and on and on and on...........butt, my paws are getting weary from typing abouts all this flakieness!!!

The End.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shhhhhh.......don't tell

Butt, Uncle Tommy's tummy makes a most wonderful pillow, while watching football games!