Friday, October 29, 2010

Lucy and The Garden of Eden

My momma spent da day Thursday at Lucy's house, and witnessed some very unsettling events........It was like Eve and Adam in da Garden of Eden all over again!!!!!!

 ***** Attention, Tank! You may not want to witness the following turn of events*****

There has been much speculation around BlogLand recently bout "The Puddles Effect" and the spell that many blog furrends have found themselves under after partaking of da Kool-Aid offered by Puddles to her adoring fans.
Well, look what my momma captured on camera...

 wait fur it
Lucy Drank da Kool-Aid!!!!

Yeppers, you heard me right!   Lucy drank da Puddles Kool-Aide  (the red food group to be exact) !!

soon, her started hearing da Subliminal Messages......talking to her in her big donkey ears....."Follow da Puddles...."   

And just like Eve in da Garden of Eden........Lucy even converted Justice to "The Puddles Effect", and he drank da Kool-Aid too!

When my momma left to drive back to Houston, she could see Lucy and Justice in da rearview mirror........sitting on sofas on da Front Porch....eating Cheetos and Drinking Beers!!

sigh.   Have you ever seen a donkey with Orange Cheetos Hoofs?!?!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Little of My History

I was so jellyous da other day when I saw that Frankie had gone to da Pumpkins Festival and found a street named after him.     I figured that I would NEVER find a street named after me!
Butt, my momma proved me wrong!   This weekend when her was going through some family pictures, her found THIS........ read that right!!   It is Krebs Road, named after little ol' me....Minna Krebs!!

Here it is on da Google maps.........if you look close enoughs, you will see that Krebs Road is just off of Krebsville Road.   Heeeheheheeee~~I told ya I was famous.
This is da 'homeplace' of my momma's relatives in Fayette County, Texas.  The birthplace of da Original Minna Krebs

Now I zoomed out so you can see where its located in da State of Texas (da little red A symbol)

And here is MY Road in relation to all of North America.    I just knew you would want to see how far you live from Minna Kreb's Road!!!   HeeeHeee......

Also, when my momma was going through da family foto album, her found this picture of da Original Minna Krebs!   
We couldn't locate a foto of her before when I posted about my name.
For my new furrends, da Original Minna Krebs was my momma's Great Grandmother that her called Oma Krebs.    (sorry the foto is just a xerox of the real momma is hoping her cousin will send us the real foto for my records)

This is da Original Minna Krebs at her 60th Wedding Anniversary Pawty.   When I was adopted, my momma thought I resembled a little German Hausfrau, so she picked my name after her "Oma"
I think da resemblence between us is remarkables!!!

da Original....
da ME !..........

What'cha think?????

Minna K

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lucy Update - New Fall Line of Avon Available

Lucy here.....with all the "new dog hoo-hah" going on at Minna's place, I have not had a chance to blog lately.   I know you all must miss me terribly.

I am most excited to unveil my fall line of Avon Products, ready to ship immediately.

Eyeliner and Mascara - Here I am modeling the latest in the Avon Line of Eyeliner, I like to call "Puddles Perma-Liner"  (guaranteed NOT to fade).    I have paired it with "Lash Be Long" in our new Fall Color....Donkee Grey.

Toenail/Hoof Polish - Here is the human mom foot, modeling my latest "au naturale" line of nail and hoof polish.   Note that my model is not being very co-operative, as I was forced to tug her by the pants string into the proper position to show my product in it most attractive light.   Note to self: hire professional models....

And last but not least, the latest Hair and Fur Mousse with Extra Hold.   Note how straight and tall my ears are after using this mousse!   All day hold with minimal effort!!

(I also included this foto especially for Frankie Furter!   Now this is FRESH deer meat!)

Keep those orders coming in!!!  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun

Little Miss NoName relaxing on my momma's shoulder. Her is cute, butt I gives her exactly ONE WEEK of this special treatments, then her has to 'share'.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Allow Me to Introduce.......

My new sister!
Her came to live with us this weekend.  She is now an Alumni of All Texas Dachshund Rescue, just like  me!
My momma was all full of da nervousness about having her come to live with us, after my brudder unexpectedly crossed a few weeks ago.  

Here she is on da webcam...........looks like her took to da computer right off da bat!!

We spent some time this weekends just getting to nose each other......and got in a little girl talk.  I even shared some of my dressies with her.  Butt, her has really long legs fur a dachsund, so some of my outfits don't fits her (thank dogness....I didn't really want to share....sssshh) 

We even shared a few secrets........mainly about how we keep our long luxurious furs so beeutifuls

I really likes her, butt her has one serious issue that I don't understand.    
HER has NO INTEREST in chasing da squirrels with me!!  Can you believe it?!?!   What kinda dachsund don't like hunting and chasing da squirrels???    We seriously gotta work on this.

Oh, and her has one other issue....................................

Her don't have a NAME yet!    Her came with da name of Izzy, but fur OBVIOUS reasons, her needs a different name (there is only ONE Izzy!!!).    So my momma been studying her and trying out all kinds of different names on her.     This could take awhile, folks!      Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Much more to come!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sleeping Snoopy Style

Look what Rooney scored on my momma's trip to da Walgreens!!!!!

my momma was wandering through da Walgreens buying da head cold supplies..ya know, like da tissues and nose spray and cold medicines and wishing her coulds buy beer there too.   All of a sudden, her turned down da aisle and Sqeeeeeeled!   

A Snoopy Bed!!!!!!

her was soooooo excited, her left without da beer and tissues!   butt that be okay, cuz Rooney is looking all stylish and stuffs in his Snoopy Bed...

My momma says he can'ts use it everyday, cuz Snoopy be all clean and white, and her don't want us to dirty him ups.
So her says da Snoopy bed is just fur 'Special Occasions'  

Now....what the 'H.E.double hockey sticks' is Special Occasion Sleeping???
(poor momma...)


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tap Tap Tap - Anyone Out There?

**Tap Tap Tap***

Hello Theres, Blogville Furrends!   
It me, Minna Krebs, broadcasting from my momma's new yaptop webcam!    My momma says if I get really close to da Yaptop, it will take my piktur and sends it out to you all.   
 Are you in there??????

Can you see me......
Can you see me, now?

Momma, I don't know if dis thing is working or not!   
Lemme step on a few of these keys and see what they do....... 
Wonder if I can find da Skype for doggies????  
Note to self:Make sure furs are brushed befores getting in front of da Webcam

We simply MUST take a moment to THANK all of our Blogville furrends, old and new, for the incredible support shown to us this past week as our dear sweet Dude crossed to the Rainbow Bridge.
You will never know how much comfort we received from your comments, well wishes and loving thoughts.  I hope to get by to each one of you personally over the next days to thank you individually....bear with me, as this might take a bit.

In the meantime, a Sunday Snoopy for you that I think sums up the friendship we have found here....

Dedicated to all our great furrends out in Blogville!

Love and Hugs,
Minna Krebs and Momma Cheryl

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can You See the Rainbow

I was not planning on a blog post today, but after seeing this, I just had to share with you all.

You see, this morning my dear sweet Dude passed to the Rainbow Bridge. I will share a special post about him later, because right now it all seems too new and too surreal to share

What I did want to share is this picture I just took from my back porch on a cloudless fall day. The picture taken with my cell phone does not do justice to the vivid colors of this rainbow but the fact that a rainbow appears in my yard today is amazing. I saw it and cried

To me, this is Dude's Rainbow....a sign from him to me that he made it safely to the Bridge and is now waiting with GigEm and Icee Bear and Olive and on and on. And you know what, I hear there is an unlimited supply of squeeky toys at the Bridge

I miss you big guy,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Snoopy Smiles.....and Birthday news

We so enjoyed reading everybuddy's comments last Sunday bout our hero, Snoopy.  So thought we would share some more Sunday Snoopy smiles with you!

So today is my momma's birthday.   Her is so happy, cuz her said she is gonna do NOTHING today, and that is pawsome with her!   Da weather is just purfect heres and we are enjoying da day just relaxing.

da BEST news is that Uncle Tommy and her families and furrend all chipped in and guess what her getting for da birthday.................................................
wait fur it........................................................
a new YapTop of her very owns!!!!!!!    That's right, her can help me blog even more now, and comment on your posties without having to use da Blackberries or computer at her office!!!!!!!!!!
WoooooHooooooOOOOOooooo!!!!!!!      We be dangerous now!!!!

Here is my momma's favorite birthday 'quote' to shares with describes her pawfectly

Old age means realizing you will never own all the dogs you wanted to..........
(butt my momma says her is at least gonna keep trying....heeheeeheeee!)


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Living Strong Times Two

We are living strong and yellow today
My momma been too busy at work to know about da Live Strong day in BlogLand, until this morning.  Whew, we are sure are glad we logged on this morning to see everybuddy's Live Strong posts.

My momma tried to get one of us to co-operate fur a foto session....but that wasn't happening this morning, so her had to Photo-Shops an unknown paw from da web fur our Live Strong pictur.  
I told hers that this is what I wanted it to looks just pretend dat it is my paw!

 The talented furrends at Cat's Meow have sponsored lots of different badges and tributes on their bloggie today, so we borrowed this one to honor our favorite person that be Living Strong.....Uncle Tommy da Harley Man.

Uncle Tommy was diagnosed with da colon cancer in 2005, just four months after him and my momma becamed 'an item'.   So fur da furst year of their relationship, they spent alot of time getting to know each other better in da hospitals, doctor waiting rooms oncology clinics and other equally boring places.  Fortunately, after six months of da surgery and chemotherapies, he continues to gets da 'all clear' for dis cancer on his six month checkups ever since.
Unfortunately, he be diagnosed with a second type of da cancer two years ago.  Him and my momma thought, oh nooose, not again.   Butt, he was trooper through da radiations and stuffs, and is getting all good checkups fur this too!

Me and my momma and brudders and sisters all be very grateful that Uncle Tommy-da Harley mans bad cancer stories have all had a happy ending.   He has also been very much da inspiration to my momma and everybuddy he know, beclaws of his pawsitive attitude toward da whole process.    As awfuls as da whole situations were, he kept a very pawsitive attitude, and him and my momma have honestly laughed more than they cried at da crazy things they had to do alongs the way.

Today, we be wishing happy endings and pawsitive results for the all-too-many furrends and folks out there dealing with this terrible disease. 
My momma read on another blog post today a description about it that her liked very much......"I refuse to call this the Big C.  We refer to it only with a little 'c'.  We do not want to give cancer da power of a big capital c in our lives"        Well said, I thinks.

Minna Krebs