Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pitmaster Pickles - Cooking for the Banquet

We have the Texas ChuckWagons loaded and ready to go for THE Big Blogville Banquet.
(We were not able to ride in Puddles Souped-Up Pinto, but if you look real close we do have a Pinto Horse in our wagon train! )

This is Rodeo Season here in Houston, and that means Barbeque CookOff time!   A few weekends ago, I attended the Washington County TX-Barbeque Cookoff with Uncle Tommy and learned all the tricks of the trade to be a Real Barbeque Pitmaster.

So, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my barbeque talent with all my Blogville furrends

Pitmaster Pickles - Let's get Cookin'!
Hurry Up with the pictures already..........this pit is getting a little warm on my bottom!

It is very important to keep an eye out for spies from the other barbeque teams..........I don't want any spies stealing MY secret recipes

Looks like my Secret Recipe Smoked Chickens are almost ready..........Eat your heart out KFC.  The Colonel Sanders never make chickens like this!!

Are you SURE we don't want to put any possums on the pit?????
Yeppers, the Ribs are ready to go!!!!   Let's get them wrapped up and ready to transport to the Banquet...
Are you sure I can't have just a little taste?

So I have Chicken, Ribs and Beef Brisket all barbequed and ready to serve at the banquet!!!!
Minna Krebs has made her famous Sauce,
 Ditto has made her Homemade Potato Salad
 Rooney has cooked up a big pot of Beans (Beano will be available for those they have issues with, uhm, gas)
and  Lucy has stocked the Chuck Wagons with extra Shiner Beers (our Texas brand) to wash it all down!!

Everyone Enjoy!!!!!

Oh.........and one more Barbeque Cookoff is complete without the "Blue Rooms"
Please leave your Peemails HERE

Friday, February 25, 2011

Possum Report from da Urban Jungle

Minna Krebs here........reporting from our house...aka "The Urban Jungle"

Yeppers, after several days of trying to trap the MOST EVIL possum in our attic, to no momma decided to 'man-up' so to speak, and return home.    She has taken a few precautions, though....
For instance, her has been leaving ALL da outside and most inside lights on at night (thinking that possums will only want to creep around in da darkness) .  This idea does make our house look a bit like Times Square on  New Years Eve, butt it is her greenpapers paying da Electric bill, not mine.

And since da MOST EVIL possum was last heard tromping around in our attic like a 200lb drunken sailor, her has outfitted us all in doggie pith so>>>>

Stylish, huh?????

Now, some furrends have commented that they think the MOST EVIL possums is cute!!!!
This is cute??!??!?!?!?!??!

My momma gets soooooooooo flipped out by these MOST EVIL, creepy, animals from da underworld, that her could not even post this foto without getting goose-bumpies all over herself!    

We did have Uncle Tommy put a humane trap/cage out to try and lure this MOST EVIL possum from our house and relocate it far, far way (like South Carolina) .    He even bought the #3 dinner from KFC to load chicken and biscuits in da trap (sheesh)

Then we waited to see when he caught MOST EVIL.......
and we waited
and we waited
and he checked da trap everyday (cuz there was NO WAY my momma would look at MOST EVIL possum in a cage)
and we waited
and we waited

FINALLY on Tuesday........we had a creature in da cage!

It was Veranda!!!    Our neighborhood feral kitteh!!!!!!
Note.....her was not hurt in da trap/ fact her was stuffed from eating da entire #3 dinner from KFC!!
Her was not to happy though to be stuck in da cage!!!   Boy oh Boy, was her using some serious HBO Kitteh words!!!

That's when my momma decided that da MOST EVIL possum prolly left on its own .......and we could return home!  
Thank goodness, cuz we have lots to do to get ready for da BANQUET this weekend!!!!! (unfortunately we won't be bringing possum stew)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eat your heart out Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp may have been awarded sexiest man alive by Peoples magazine, and he may be a heart throb to the lady two-leggers........
Okay, I admits he does have a certain appeal....

Butt, he can't hold a candle to my own pirate boy Richie!    (who professed his attraction to little ol me on Valentine's Day  *****blush******)

Is he Handsome or what?!?!?!

What a hunk of handsomeness!!!

Hugs and kisses to my guy, Richie

PeeS........What a week we have had.   We were 'forced' to evacuate our house Tuesday night beclaws a horrible "world's largest" Possum moved into our attic!   My momma gets sooooooo flipped out by da Possums that we were rudely awakened at 11pm to evacuate our nice warm beds and drive all the way to Uncle Tommy-da HarleyMan's house for safety.     sigh.    We have been here ever since, cuz my wacko momma refuses to live in da same house as a Possum!!!

Hopefully, today's check of da possum trap will be successful, and da possum will be relocated out of our house, so we can return.    Wish us luck.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Party - Kissing Booth

The great valentines day weekend blog party is here!   Thanks to Sallie and Alien fur hosting this event!!

Lucy the Donkey......ever the entrepreneur.....has decided to hold a Kissing Booth during the party

As our Valentine to all our Blogville furrends, 
  instead of party-goers paying greenpapers to  kiss Lucy...........she has decided that we will donate 25cents PER KISS to our local Houston Dachshund Rescue .  
(thanks Mayzie fur this idea from her commentathon)
 Just leave a SMOOCH or KISS by commenting and we will add it to the count!
Lucy hopes this will be a very successful event during the party

The line starts here..........

So pucker-up, enjoy the party and help out some dogs in need!!!...............and WHO could resist this face?!?!?!?!?

Now I'm dressed and ready to PARTY!!!!    When does the dancing begin?!?!?!   Did I hear mention that Bono is performig???     

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Game in Town

Lucy the Donkey here..........

I was inspired this morning by the following blog post ~CLICK HERE~

Instead of that old fashioned, and frankly disgusting, game called Pin the Tail on the DONKEY.......I decided to put my own twist on it, and develop

Pin the HEAD on the BARBIE

It is a very easy game.  No difficult rules to learn.
All you need are the following items:
(Available for purchase via Lucy Donkey Enterprises)

One Barbie Game Body

One Barbie Game Head

Plus Blindfold and Pin
(NOT included in game set)

That's It.........the rest of the game works just like the original (and disturbing) Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.

The Winner is the participant who most closely is able to pin the HEAD on the Barbie,  like so....

Great fun for all the two and four leggers in the family.
(probably not appropriate for female two leggers under the age of ten, images may be too disturbing for this group)
and get those orders in!! 

Lucy Donkey
Lucy Donkey Enterprises, LLC
Your Avon Representative
Blogville Welcome Wagon 
etc, etc etc

Breaking News....I have received notice of some new Blogville Residents.  Watch here very soon for the Welcome Wagon to roll in and introduce these new members to the Blogville community.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Who Needs the SuperBowl

Ever since da Big Race was announced......fur some reason, this theme has been running through my mind......

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport... 
the thrill of victory... 
and the agony of defeat...
 the CANINE drama of athletic competition...

The Thrill of Victory..................

The Agony of Defeat......

The CANINE drama of Athletic Competition.....

We can hardly wait!   Which contestant will reign supreme???

We have Bunny.    A prime example of the breed known for it's racing abilities. She is long in leg and lean in muscle........and a pink princess!

We have Mr.PIP.    A true inspiration to little-dogs-with-unruly-hair everywhere.  He may be a little advanced in years, but his athletic prowess shines through in every situation.

I'm sures that the excitement and festivities of this event will totally overshadow 'that game' going on in Dallas this Sunday.

There are cheerleaders for each contestant....

There will be crowds all along the race get there early!

There will lots of Tail-gating pawties going on........
Uhhhh.....someone needs to explain the concept of Tailgating to this guy......
That's more like it!

And, of course, the Cheeseburgers, Cheetos and Beer will be abundant!!!   

Please drink responsibly

Finally ..... we have heard rumor that a certain 'un-invited" tree rat has been in training, and may try to make an appearance to disrupt da race.  So be on da lookout, and report to the proper authorities1

Let the games begin!!!!
Go Pip
Go Bunny
Go Bunny
Go Pip

and before I go.......I need to mention that we are keeping every paw we have have crossed fur our beloved Twix!     We love her to pieces, and are very concerned about hers right now.
Get better SOON Twix!!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Before and After

We had temperatures in the mid 70s on Sunday and Monday. Beautiful!

In fact, my momma was barefoot and wearing a Tshirt on Monday morning at 6 am when we went out for our morning exercise...............

Then "IT" happened.....................................................................................


The temperature dropped to the 30s in less than couple hours!
Now this morning we had 19 degrees!! and 9 with da wind chill! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

And believe it or not, even WE have**Sleet** and **Snow** predicted for Thursday!!

I know we are Snow-Wimps compared to our furrends around da Country......but our thin, Texas blood, has troubles adjusting to these 50 degrees changes in less than a few hours!     Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
(and my momma gets VERY grumpy when her has to be out wrapping our warm-weather-only pipes and trying to protect our not-ready-for freezing temperature plants and vehicles.)

Stay Warm, Furrends!

Pickles........from da frozen Texas Tundra