Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Tax Dead-Lion is Here Again

Unfortunately, my momma is stalking the infamous Tax DeadLion again. Her has to do this at her office two times a year. For three months in da Spring (befores March 15 and April 15). An then agains now before Sept and Oct 15. Her works all kinda crazy hours and gets very tense and grumpy since her having to do da IRS stuffs for peoples that be making more greenpapers than we ever dreamed of!
So I may be a little off on my blog duties during this times. I did however have one of her bosses share this piktur of her with me. Her a mess!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I have Lost Something.......in addition to my Mind!

Lucy here.    As the official 'spokes-donkey' for Verizon Wireless, I have a most embarASSing problem

Just so you believe my status as da Verizon Spokes-donkey, I present proof of my status.
Look closely at the billboard below....and who do you see?
(Now this particular billboard may not be available in your part of da country. Butt, rest assured it is all-over Southeast Texas.....ahhemm)
 Oh, and one more thing.  If you looks even closer at da billboard, there is a crazy woman eccentric lady with a bow on her head.   Well, that be da Elgin Pugs mom.
You see, her used to be one of my co-workers here at Verizon.  But that was before she was quietly asked to leave the company for reasons I am sworn to secrecy not to reveal  she decided to be a world famous childrens book author.   I don't want to spread no rumors, butt I believe a little nipping at the bottle during business hours was involved. 
Enough said.

Enough about that.......on to my embarASSing problem.
Somehow, I have LOST my Verizon Hoofheld Device/Phone!!!

I do remember having it in my hoof on Friday, when I got a call from da Puddles mom.
She was stranded with a flat tire, and needed a ride.  So, Lucy to the Rescue.
Poor thing.....looking like this..da Puddles mom couldn't get a ride any other way...

Mom had heard about Puddles mom's stranded-ness and couldn't be bothered so very much wanted to help, but was in the middle of a very important Pedicure at the time

After this Mission of Mercy, I do not remember seeing my Verizon Hoofheld Device.    I simply must have misplaced it somewhere!!
If you happen to see it being used around BlogLand, please let me know.

And in case you were wondering, I could easily get a replacement from my employer.   Butt, this particular Hoofheld has some of my most important and secret contact numbers in it, like
Mr. Ed
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

(I run in important circles, folks)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grillin' and Chillin' on da Weekend

Disclaimer - No Chickens from my prior post were harmed in the making of this blog post

Ditto here, to share MY favorite part of our weekend spent with Uncle Tommy da Harley Man.  We do the same thing almost every weekend and it is my most impawtent work of da whole week.
Furst, Uncle Tommy da Harley Man takes da cover off of my best furrend, Mr.Grill.  As soon as he does this, I get all excited cuz I know that THE Grilling is about to commence.

Here I am, snoopervising the placement of da Chickens on Mr. Grill. 
I also make sure I COUNT da number or chickens pieces...this be very impawtent for later on.
Now comes da hard part. When doing da chicken grilling it takes bout  an hour for them to be done.
Butt, rest assured, I DO NOT leave the area around Mr. Grill during this entire process.

Looks like they are getting close to being done. You see, the best part of da grilling, is the CHICKEN SKINS!!!
You see, my momma won't let Uncle Tommy da Harley Man leave the chickens skins on after he grills them.  Something bout watching her waistline...and suggesting he should watch his too. 
This works out wonderful for US, cuz he when he takes all the wonderful crunchy, tasty greasy skins off.....HE GIVES THEM TO US!!!
This is also why I keeps careful count on number of chickens.....so he don't cheat us out of any (or steal one for himself)

Sometimes I find it necessary to make sure no chicken skin crumbs or drippings land on da ground.  I feel it is very impawtent to keep da grilling area clean!

Looking like they are almost done!!!  Come on with them already!!!!
Brudder Dude loves this moment so much, he even forgets bout his beloved Purple Snugga Wubba.(you can see it left unattended on da ground) 

Sometimes, he makes a mistake, and grills something other than the chicken pieces.  I am not so thrilled with that  particular decision on his part.  Have you ever tried to get da skin off a piece of fish..or a burger pattie?

Oh, and you may be wondering where Minna Krebs is in these pikturs.   If so, you are very observant.........well...
Hers went to pick up da BEER!!!!

PeeS....Don't forget to stop by Shelby's auction this weekend.....and shop til ya drop!
Shelby is a fellow Houstonian/Texan furrend, so she holds a special place in our hearts.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday at Minna's House...and Cluck Cluck

Yesterday, I let Miss Lucy show you some pikturs of HER yard, which is da pretty piktur that we are using for our header piktur.  So today I show you piktur of MY yard.....here it is in ALL its glory

Well, I am pulling your leash a bit.......it not quite that small, butt I do not have the acres of beautiful flowers and pasture like Miss Lucy has.   You see, Miss Lucy lives out in da country and we lives in da City of Houston.  "Someday" when my momma has enough greenpapers, she gonna retire full times to da country with Uncle Tommy da Harley Man.  Then we will lives with Lucy all da time.  Butt for nows, we just get to visits on weekends, and sometimes a special day during da week (usually on a Wednesday.......see that why Lucy likes to blog on Wednesdays...cuz that be HER day)

For illustrations purposes, I show you piktur of downtown Humid Houston, and I puts a  red star near where my house be.     You can'ts actually see my house, so don't bother straining your eyes to look too close

Now....as you see, we lives in what you call...an Urban Area, wouldn't you agree?    Butt, here come da WEIRD part.......(we got lots of weird parts in our lives, have you noticed???)

Lately, my mom been noticing the strangest THINGs on the street that you drives on to come to our neighborhood.   She didn't beeleeves her eyes the furst time.   But the next day....there it was again.   Are you ready??
Here they be.....

Yep, thats right.  I got me some CHICKENS as neighbors!   The piktur be kinda fuzzy, cuz my momma had to takes it with her cell phone from across da road from them.   But we counted at least EIGHT of them!  
They really kinda cool, and they hangs around every evening by the side of the road...pecking and cock-a-doodle-dooing and everything!

Now wouldn't you think these would be Miss Lucy's neighbors in da country?   Noooooooooo, they are my neighbors, right here in Houston!     CRAZY!!!!!

Me and Rooney and Ditto tried to formally introduce ourself, butt they didn't seem very interested in knowing us.   Butt, I will keep trying.   Never know when we might need a few extra eggs..


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday At Lucy's House

Greetings Everyone......Lucy here.
My mom has received several kind comments about the new header picture on Minna Krebs' blog.

Well, I just wanted to thank everyone, because the picture is the view from MY front yard.  Mom took that picture in the spring when the bluebonnets were blooming.  In case you are not from Texas, the bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas, so I make sure I have LOTS of them in my yard.

Here are a few more pictures from my yard, for your viewing pleasure

This is me and mom, posing together in the bluebonnets in the Spring.  Unfortunately, the bluebonnets are gone and all my yard is almost brown now. Summertime is hot and dry here, and Uncle Tommy is too cheap  does not find it necessary to spring for a sprinkler system for the pasture my yard.
Here I am walking up MY road to my house.  I don't have an official name for my road yet.  Any suggestions????

This is me and my best buddy, Justice.  He is a silly, lazy horse (Tommy calls him "Pasture Art") but we are inseparable and best of friends.  You can see my House in the background.
You will notice that I decided to have it painted Barn Red

Justice is trying to take center stage in this picture.  That is normally my job.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Lucy's yard.

See you next time,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am a Cheez Wizzard!

My momma went to da Petco last Friday and spent her greenpapers on some stuffs for us!  Surprise, huh?!?

She bought two Kong Bones to stuff with da Peanut Butter or Snacks or Cheez Whiz.  This purchase was  mainly to gives Brudder Dude something to do in da mornings and da evenings...he be kinda old and he don't care anymore how much he barks.  He loves to hear his own "ROoowlLFF" every few minutes, just for fun of course.    Anyways, my momma thought that having lick the good stuffs outta da Kong  Bones would keeps him entertained.

Well, here come da Wierd Part.  For some odd reason, she only bought TWO.  Now, it don't take a genious to figure out that TWO Kong Bones do not 'go into' FOUR dogs equally.    So two of us always gets da Short End of da Bone so to speak.....

Here be Brudder Rooney, happily enjoying his Kong Bone stuffed with Peanut Butter....


She also boughts some of dat canned Cheez Whiz (Cheddar Bacon to be exact) and we tried it out.  

The Cheez Whiz be so good and so fun  when it squirts outta da can in ooey gooey delish Cheese strings.....that Ditto and I decided the boys could have the Kong Bones.....

We just eat it straight from da CAN!!

Gimme a little taste, Mom

Oh my dog....here it comes!

Squirt it right there on da tip of my tongue.......This is gooooood  stuffs !!

Hurry up, Ditto.....I want another squirt..

My momma was thinking bout going back to da Petco to buy two more Kong Bones.   Butt I told her no worries!  I will take my Cheese straight from da Can, thank you very much.

The Cheez Whizzard,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We Could Have Danced ALL Night.....

We so very much enjoyed the Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Frankie O. Furter!  
It was such a beautiful affair, and it was wonderful to see so many old and new furrends in attendance.

After da ceremonies, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at da Reception.....especially da Dancing!!

Rooney finally located the loverly Miss Francine and they waltzed and waltzed across da dance floor.
Rooney learned his ballroom dance skills form watching Dancing With The Stars and he never misses an episode.  He considers himself da next Derek Hough or Maks Chmerkovskiy!

Miss Lucy was 'cutting the rug' and TWIRLED the night away

Ummmmmm....DITTO!   Quit 'spiking' da Punch Bowl.   And, don't say Puddles and Mayzie came up with dis idea  (sorry....not part of the dancing....)

Minna Krebs decided to Strut her Stuffs........and bring out the Hula Hoops

She be a world famous Hula Hoop Champion Dachshund, ya know.  Da girl has hips!!

And finally, we did a little demonstration of our  German Dachshund Heritage.......................
We ALL led the crowd in our version of the German Wedding March Polka!

All togethers, now.....Uuuump Pa Pa.  Uuump Pa Pa
It was so fun to get everybuddy involved in the Grand March.   
A big shout out to Anakins and the Elgin Pug Band for playing da Accordion for da Polka music!!!  (they are so talented)

Got to rest up after the big weekend.
Minna Krebs

Saturday, August 21, 2010

YAY We Are At da Wedding!!!

We are at da Wedding already and just waiting for da ceremonies to begin.
Thank you agains to Puddles and Alien for getting us here with da Quickness on da Spaceship!

We are taking our seats in da beautiful ceremony area.   We can hardly beeleeves that this day is FINALLY here!!!!  We gonna take our seats, so we can get a good look at all da festivities

Minna Krebs gets so emotional at weddings....her brought EXTRA tissues, in case anyone else needs one.  Her is already starting to get a little teary eyed.....

Someone save a seat for Brudder Rooney.......by da way, where did he goes????

Oh brothers.......he be trying to find da loverly Miss Francine in this hooge crowd

Rooney!  You can finds her at da Receptions.    I thinks I hear da Wedding Pawty starting to arrives.......

Friday, August 20, 2010

Be The Change For Animals in Need

This is a topic near and dear to so many of our hearts, especially dogs like me....who at one time, found myself without a furever home.

  Just a reminder to all my furrends that Saturday August 21st is the 2010  International Homeless Animals Day

There are so many ways to help Shelter/Rescue/Homeless animals in need.  And whether it is something big or small, it will make a difference if everybuddy chips in.
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Contributions of Supplies / Pet Food/ Blankets, Towels, Paper
  • Donate your time
  • or just help to "get the word out" to others that there is a HUGE need here
I'm sure many of you have lots more ideas than this.......

Minna Krebs (an alumni of All Texas Dachshund Rescue)

Thanks to Bocci and Tank for the timely reminder bout this impawtent time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a Morning I Had

At furst I was soooooo excited cuz I thoughts my momma was taking ONLY me someplace fun. I runned out to da Big Red truck all happy and stuffs.
BUTT, lo and behold (insert music of doom here) she drove me to da VET! Can yo beeleeves she didn't even mention this trip to me!?!?
I took it like a big girl, thoughs and didn't even wimper or crys when they shot me 3 times and tooks MY blood! Da VET even sprayed some kinda medicine ups my NOSE!!!!

Here da FUNNY part...............on da way home my momma stopped for coffee and gas for da Big Red Truck.   While she putting gas in, I was in da truck...along with my mommas purse and her blackberries inside it!    I was soooo traumatized and upset, that I was calling Uncle Tommy on her blackberries with my paws!     HEheeeeheee!  When she checks her messages, her got one from Uncle Tommy saying "You kept accidentally calling me on your phone'   butt he didn't realize that it was really ME, Minna Krebs calling out fur help!!

I be home know.....I gonna take da day to re-cooperates. Sigh

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday from Lucy

HUG someone today!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i Think I Am In Blogger Time Out

I visited several blogs this morning and left comments, butt it appears Blogger ate them!?!?

A pity, cuz they were all very witty and thought-provoking, if I do say so myself! Heehee

Also been having troubles accessing today.

I must be in time out fur something........


Sunday, August 15, 2010

'cuz I Have a Secret to Reveal

I was soooooo excited to see dat Frankie's cuzin dawg, Miss Francine attended the bachelorette pawty this weekend......

'cuz, I hads a SECRET to tell 'cuz Francine......

Let me whisper my secret in your ears, Francine........

Are you ready.....cuz this be a really impawtent secret.............

My Brudder, Rooney has da BIGGEST CRUSH on you evers!!!!!

He thinks you are the Prettiest Dawg in All of BlogLand...................He constantly dreamin of you ...

In fact, he has a plan to ask you fur a date!
He has this romantical, candle-lit restaurant all picked out

And he is even ordering a beautiful romantical boo-kay for you.....Dis be from da FTD Special Romantic Collection, by da way.

I tells you...da boy is REALLY smitten with you.........

I thinks that if da date works out as planned..........he is even gonna asks you to GO STEADY with him!

Isn't this EXCITING news going to make Frankie feel all better about his weekend?!?!?!


PeeS........a BIG THANK YOU to all the Pawty hosts and hostesses this weekend!!
We had an AMAZING time!!!!
Thank you, Puddles, Mayzie, Pip and Daisy.................You are all Pawsome~~

Friday, August 13, 2010

We Made It to Puddles House !!

Thank Goodness we FINALLY arrived......

WOWSER!   Nice crib ya got here Puddles.....

I hope there be room for all of us girrls this weekend! 


Lucy: 'Now if anyone gets lost in dere.....we can meet back up out by da Maid's Quarters on Sunday morning, okay?

On Our Way.........

This is what happens when Minna Krebs tries to save a few greenpapers on airfare.........

Butt....we are on our way!!!!

Pawty Day - Ready to Cut Loose

I heard rumor that some famous dancers 'might' be at da Bachelorette Pawty.   

I am soooooo excited to meets da famous celebrities.....

Chip 'n Dale!!

Truthfully, I am NOT sure what da big deal is about.......I means they are cute and everything....butt I'm not sure why all da girlfurrends wants to give em greenpapers?!?!?!?!?

Guess we finds out later >>>>

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

"Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well."-Bonnie Wilcox

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

It is time to make a confession here in BlogLand..................................My mom has an ADDICTION.

She be addicted to da Dachshunds!!!!   How else do you explain a woman who has had 16 dachshunds in her life.......and for a time, she had SEVEN at the same time.

Now, the way she sees it.....right now she has ONLY four.   Butt to most peoples (Uncle Tommy especially) dat be more than enoughs.   One of the steps to conquer addiction is to recognize and admit you haves a problem.....Well, my mom does recognize she has this issue, butt that is as far as she gets in her 12 steps to recovery.  (She is hopeless)

Since it be almost two whole years since she adopted me, she be starting to 'get the itch' to finds another dachshund for our 'family'.  One of her 'hobbies' is to surf the dachshund rescue websites, and ooh and aah over all the beautiful dachshunds dat be needing a home.  And she has it in her 'mind' (what little there is of this) to next get a red short-haired dachshund........this would match the dachshund Uncle Tommy had painted on his Harley AND we currently do not have a red short hairs in our family.

Sooooooooooo, look who she is currently in absolute loves with at one of our local rescues.....

Isn't she BEAUTIFULs ?!?!?!?

and, as an added bonus......my mom thinks she looks a bit like everybuddys gal pal, Puddles!!!  Do you sees the resemblence??

Next step is to trick   convince Uncle Tommy that another dachshund family member is a good ideas without hims pitching a fit, getting mad, using lots of HBO words    disagreeing.   

will keeps you updated...


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Barkday Sugar!

To celebrate Sugar's barkday, we thought we  would head to a town just outside of Houston that seems the PERFECT place to celebrate for Sugar....
Yep!!  We be heading to SUGAR LAND, TEXAS!!!

Now, at furst we thoughts this entire town was named after our furrend, Miss Sugar.   Butt, mom explained that Sugar Land gots its name, beclaws it is the home of Imperial Sugar Company.  This be like the second biggest sugar producer in da whole country!  

So we decided to heads on over to the Imperial Sugar Factory and take a "Sugar Tour"

Here is Minna Krebs in front of the Imperial Sugar Headquarters (notice she rode da Harley Dachsund Motorcyle over)

During da Tour, we gots to see ALL the Sugar they produce and package.....Dude is amazed by da Piles and Piles of Sugar they are producing!!

And at the end of da tour.......Minna Krebs decided to take a ROMP in the sugar piles~~~  WOWSER!  What a sweetness overload!!!

We hope you enjoyed our Sugar Land trip in celebration of da Sugar Barkday!
Now we just got to convince mom to let us have a little sugar snackie, from da tour!!!!