Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meet Luigi

My momma did a rescue transport fur this handsome boy on Thursday.  He came already Luigi!!  This name made my momma giggle, cuz it don't sound like your normal doxie German type name!

A very nice vet, all the way out in Richmond Tx convinced his owners to give him up to dachshund rescue....because the vet had to treat him fur TWO broken legs at different times since January (we suspect abuse, butt obviously those people did not deserve to have a nice dog like Luigi)

Good news is that when my momma picked him up, they took the second cast off....and he is motoring around very good!  He is ready fur his foster family.....and then to find his new furever home.  We hope he finds it soon....

Some of you may remember a previous transportee, that my momma named TWIX....well, her was adopted!!!!!  But now her name is Heidi. Congrats to Twix/Heidi!!!!  (Pawsonally, I liked da name TWIX better....)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The 'dog'

So my momma was talking on da phone to Uncle Tommy last night. And while her was talking, her decided to fo to da front yard to turn off da water sprinkler (we ain't had NO rain in furever).   Well, her is getting ready to go thru OUR gate.....and her sees a loose 'dog' hanging out by da gate (it was kinda getting dark by this time)  
Uncle Tommy is talking away .....prolly nothing too important anyway......and my momma is peering at the 'dog'.....when all of a sudden da 'dog' turns and looks at her with its uber creepy beady eyes and snarl teeths.....My momma YELLS "Possum!!!" into da phone !!
Yeppers, it was one of those creatures straight from H-e-double hockey sticks, staring my momma down.  (You might remember that da possums creep my momma out more than ANYTHING!!! And how we had to abandon our house when one of them was in our attic)

Her was entirely too traumatized about da whole event.. her still gets da creepers thinking bout I took da liberty of drawing a foto of da scene.  (I think it is pretty lifelike, if I do say so myself)

Anyone know a possum hitman we can call???

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lucy Donkey, Realtor

Lucy Donkey here..........introducing my latest business venture.....REALTOR!!!!!

Allow me to tell you about my very first listing....

That's right, its Mr. Pips house!!!

This is a very lovely residence, located in beautiful Chicago.   This house has been lovingly maintained by the residents and faithfully guarded by Mr. Pip himself for many years.   The house includes all the latest upgrades and very spacious...........includes room for dog, two cats and even a bunny!
Don't delay.......this one is a real gem!

For a personal showing....Call Lucy Donkey.......Your Blogville Realtor

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Deep Thinking

Here I am.....just contemplating the meaning of life.

Well....actually waiting fur da burgers to get done....Heehee.  Butt da furst one sounded betters