Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Legend

The Legend of the Christmas Donkey

Before Baby Jesus was born, his mother, Mary, and her husband, Joseph, had to travel through the countryside to the town of Bethlehem. Their trip took many days. They traveled up and down steep hills.

To make things easier for Mary, an ordinary donkey carried her on his back and Joseph led the way.

"A donkey, just like me?" asked the donkey.
"Yes, a donkey just like you," said the cow.

Finally, Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem. But there was nowhere for them to sleep. They had to go to a stable and sleep with the animals.

The donkey carried Mary safely to that stable.

So it was an ordinary donkey who gave Baby Jesus a unique gift, even before he was born, by carrying Mary safely to Bethlehem.

A very merry Christmas to all our furrends!!!
Minna Krebs, Lucy Donkey,
Pickles, Ditto, Rooney
and the Momma

Thursday, December 22, 2011

AVON Sale!!! SHE's Baaaaack

Attention Blogville Avon Customers - Old and New

Looking for last minute Christmas gifts??????

Need a little 'pick-me-up' after the hectic pace of the holiday season????

Need to restock on your favorite wrinkle cream  ??????

You have come to THE RIGHT PLACE!!!!    Announcing.......................


Due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e.A Lazy Human Blogger that has neglected Lucy's marketing efforts and customer relations)  Lucy has excess Avon Product Inventory that needs to move off the shelves.  
Place your order NOW for some of the Holiday favorites......

  • Reindeer Red Lipstick
  • HollyBerries Nail and Hoof Polish
  • Snowball Soft Face Cream
  • Mistletoe Cologne (Guarantees LOTS of Smoochies)

Use Coupon Code **RUDOLF** for Special Delivery on December 24th by Lucy's own holiday delivery service ............

PeeS..........It's good to be back in Blogville...............................

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Love is in the Air Today

As part of Blogville's Furst Ever FLASH-FUR MOB (heehee) we want to wish JD & Max's mom and dad a very happy anniversary today!!!   Mom Claire does sooooooooooo much work with our Blogville auctions and Crossed Paws, we are always amazed!   
Have a wonderful day, MH and FH!!!

And speaking of is one year since Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Frankie Furter said "I do and I do and I do"

Happy Anniversary to the wonderful couple  triple

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Minna's Tip fur Keeping Cool

No 1 - Dig a nice, deep hole in my momma's flowerbed.
No 2 - Lay down in da hole and relax

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yes, it is really that HOT

Thought most of you coulds relate....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mani-Pedi Day at the Barn

Fun times.
Lucy and Justice were scheduled for hoof trims and new shoes (for Justice) and, of course, my momma was there with camera to document the fun had by all.
Picture quality is poor, due to lack of theater-style lighting in the barn

Unfortunately my momma was unable to get any fotos of Lucy during her mani-pedi, due to an unfortunate incident between (a) Lucy, (b) Lucy's halter, (c) the barn wall, (d) my momma's arm.
Alls well that ends well, though.
Lucy finally had her hoofs trimmed mani-pedi and my momma's injury was minor and she is recovering nicely.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Advanced Potty Training - Smile for a Monday

Video from da Daycare and School where my momma thinks 'we' need to go..........WTH???

Be sure you haves your sound turned ups when you watch it (and watch all da way to the end....even after second set of words......BOL!!!)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Version of Where's Waldo

Can you find the spotted dachshund in the foto??
(my Brudder Rooney snoozing in his favorite blanket)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordlessly Wednesday the dog dayz of Summer.
Happy Wednesday, furrends

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, USA !!!

Wishing All Our Furrends a Most Wonderful 4th of July Weekend

We are so glad to escape the terribles HEAT in Texas.....and enjoy the tropical breezes, good food, good times and furrends at the Honorooroo Pawty, hosted agains this year by The Fiesty ThreeClick here to get there with the quickness

See you at the beach!!!    

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Acceptance Speech

Rooney would like to thank the Blogville Picnic Committee fur the Grand Prize Award he received!!! 
We has to cut him off, due to time constraints here in the blog (he is now thanking the dog food manufacturers and Vet Techs he has known in life..  sigh)

A BIG shout out to all the peeps who worked sooooooo hard on the Picnic!!!!   What a wonderfully fun event!!!!
..........oh yeah......and since Rooney is so busy with his acceptance speech, we decided that receiving da actual prize would be more than he could stand.  We all decided that it would be most appropriate if the prize package be mailed to the picnic honoree, Charlie.   So the Slimmer Puggums have kindly agreed to mail the pawsome goodies bag and 50 gift card directly to him.  ENJOY Charlie!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Word of Warning

One of our furrends (who shall remain a nameless Duddles) learned da hard way..............

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To my competition...

The view of me, my competitors in the Sack Race will have.  

be sure to head to Crossed Paws and place your bet on a winner... 

Lucy Donkey

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meet Luigi

My momma did a rescue transport fur this handsome boy on Thursday.  He came already Luigi!!  This name made my momma giggle, cuz it don't sound like your normal doxie German type name!

A very nice vet, all the way out in Richmond Tx convinced his owners to give him up to dachshund rescue....because the vet had to treat him fur TWO broken legs at different times since January (we suspect abuse, butt obviously those people did not deserve to have a nice dog like Luigi)

Good news is that when my momma picked him up, they took the second cast off....and he is motoring around very good!  He is ready fur his foster family.....and then to find his new furever home.  We hope he finds it soon....

Some of you may remember a previous transportee, that my momma named TWIX....well, her was adopted!!!!!  But now her name is Heidi. Congrats to Twix/Heidi!!!!  (Pawsonally, I liked da name TWIX better....)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The 'dog'

So my momma was talking on da phone to Uncle Tommy last night. And while her was talking, her decided to fo to da front yard to turn off da water sprinkler (we ain't had NO rain in furever).   Well, her is getting ready to go thru OUR gate.....and her sees a loose 'dog' hanging out by da gate (it was kinda getting dark by this time)  
Uncle Tommy is talking away .....prolly nothing too important anyway......and my momma is peering at the 'dog'.....when all of a sudden da 'dog' turns and looks at her with its uber creepy beady eyes and snarl teeths.....My momma YELLS "Possum!!!" into da phone !!
Yeppers, it was one of those creatures straight from H-e-double hockey sticks, staring my momma down.  (You might remember that da possums creep my momma out more than ANYTHING!!! And how we had to abandon our house when one of them was in our attic)

Her was entirely too traumatized about da whole event.. her still gets da creepers thinking bout I took da liberty of drawing a foto of da scene.  (I think it is pretty lifelike, if I do say so myself)

Anyone know a possum hitman we can call???

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lucy Donkey, Realtor

Lucy Donkey here..........introducing my latest business venture.....REALTOR!!!!!

Allow me to tell you about my very first listing....

That's right, its Mr. Pips house!!!

This is a very lovely residence, located in beautiful Chicago.   This house has been lovingly maintained by the residents and faithfully guarded by Mr. Pip himself for many years.   The house includes all the latest upgrades and very spacious...........includes room for dog, two cats and even a bunny!
Don't delay.......this one is a real gem!

For a personal showing....Call Lucy Donkey.......Your Blogville Realtor

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Deep Thinking

Here I am.....just contemplating the meaning of life.

Well....actually waiting fur da burgers to get done....Heehee.  Butt da furst one sounded betters

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Smile

Have a Good Day!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OMD! Look What i Found

This is either Puddles missing Pinto........or, considering da age of my momma and this foto, this might be da Grandpa to Puddles Pinto....
Can you beleeves someone, other than Puddles, actually drove a Pinto?!?!?! This Pinto was named "Goober" and da foto above is of my momma and Uncle Chris going to a High School Prom.....all dressed up and stylin' in a Pinto! Heeheeeee

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pawty Time ...... Here I Come!!!

I am so excited to be heading to Ronnii and Richie's Pawty....... I decided to wear my brand new Spring Easter Dressie fur da occasion....

I have been ready to leave fur about 87 hours........and finally my momma said it was time.....I was soooooooo happy......check out my video .......


Now, I just couldn't decide what the best snack to bring to the pawty..........We all had a different idea what the bestest snack or beverage would to avoid any arguments, we each decided to bring some of our favorite snackies....

I decided that I would bring my momma's favorite snack......NACHOS!!!!   Extra cheese, of course

Pickles found the MOST PERFECT pizza especially fur Mr Pip..........Its a Cheeseburger and Fries Pizza.
This may just about be da perfect food!

Now fur those furrends that want a more traditional pizza.......Ditto decided to bring da regular style pizza......EXTRA toppings, of course

And, of course, Rooney wanted to make sure we had LOTS of everybuddy's favorite part of da Pizza.........PIZZA BONES!!!!

And finally, Lucy, decided to bring one of her favorite beverages to wash this all down....
Margaritas!!!!    Feel free to order with or without salt

Now its time to Pawty............

Here's to da loverly Miss Ronnii......"Happy Birthday....and may you have many, many more to come"....and to my main guy Richie "We all love you and are honored to have you a part of our lives.....Run free and happy"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Join us at the Birfday Bash..........THIS SATURDAY at Ronnii's Blog (Click here) Glitter Photos

It will be a wonderful pawty to celebrate bee-u-t-ful Ronnii's birfday (woohoo) AND to celebrate the life of Richie and da wonderful times we shared with him!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For My Handsome Pirate-Boy Richie

I miss you so.............I will never forget you!   

I keep trying to not be sad, as you requested, butt that is very very hard fur me to do right now.  Me and my momma have shared many tears these past few days....and my momma says that dog fur is da best thing to use to wipe away tears.......

Run free, handsome boy...............

and until we meet again.

My love always,
Minna K

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Special Pressie

Look at da surprise Uncle Tommy brought my momma cheer her ups during taxtime
Brand new personalized dog tags fur Big Red our truck!!!
He picked da words K9 Cabin cuz my momma always driving all us around and her likes volunteering to transport for dachshund rescue.

We loves it.    

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Blogville Avon Representative

That's is Lucy Donkey's 5th birthday!!!!

and in honor of her birthday...........all Avon orders placed today will receive the 5% Lucy's 5th birthday discount!!!!   
 (the small print.....This offer only valid on orders over $100...........a girl's gotta make a living, ya know!)

PeeS from me....MinnaK...

I miss you all very very much.......butt my momma promises that the tax dead-lion will be slayed by April we should be back to normal afters that.     (Well, as normal as my momma can be!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss Me.......I'm German!

***  What?!?!?   You mean it supposed to be Irish?!?!?****
Rut-roh......wrong holiday.

Oh well, Happy St. Patrick's Day Everybuddy!!

Now if you are in the mood fur some real smooching.......stop by da Kissing Booths (click here) and find yourself an Irish Doggie or Leprechaun to Kiss!!!

Da Kissing Booths are open until Saturday!!!   SMOOCH Away!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Stuff We Must Endure

As I mentioned in my previous post, this time of year we must endure my momma's long work hours and EVEN WORSE,her lack of brain-powerness that accompanies this event.   (i.e. her is even more Crackers than usual this time of year)

Case in point #1 - We have had a sudden burst of Springtime Weather round here lately.  So early weather in the 80 degrees has led to an onslaught of UPA (Unplanned Flea Activities) in our yard.   Now, my momma, keeps us on da Flea Preventions in da Summertime, butt not in da Winter.   Who gets Fleas in February, early March????   Well, I guess WE did!    So my momma applied da Flea Preventions, butt since this takes a few days to "kick in" and kill the creepy crawly fleas, her decided to give us all a spritz of da Flea Spray to keep da creepy crawlies from taking over our house.

So, yesterday morning, her gets out da Blue Bottle of Flea Spray.    
Let me correct myselfs.......Her THOUGHT her had da Blue Bottle of Flea Spray.     Unfortunately, her spritzed my sissie, Pickles, with da WINDEX!!!      sigh.      
Poor Pickles...............not only did her feel mistaken fur a glass mirror, butt then her had to have an unscheduled and unwanted BATH!!!

Case in point #2 - Our sudden burst of Springtime weather ended this weekend, and da temperatures changed from da 80 degrees to da 30s.     Brrrrrrrrrr, right?        All her needed to do was turn our heater on before going to bedtime, right?   (Puddles, please ignore da part bout our heater actually working)
Well, our lack-of-functioning-brain-cells momma 'accidentally' puts on da AirConditioner instead of da Heater before going to bedtime!!!!!    sigh.     We gots 38 degrees OUTSIDE and my momma had da Air Conditioner humming away...and cooling us down INSIDE.    sigh, again.

Luckily, we have fun Blogville stuffs to keep us from going insane, along with my momma.

Pickles is working on recipes fur da Bake Sale
Is this how Julia Childs got her start???     

And I am working on being her Taste Tester!!!    Yummmmmmmmm!

The Blogville Bake Sale and Recipes is gonna be the most fun thing evers!!!    Click on da link on my sidebar to take you to da new TastyNommies blog!!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is This How H&R Block got their start?

So, this is the time of year when my momma is working ALL the times, trying to tame the TAX DEAD-LION!

This year, her has been whining  discussing even more than usual ....... her keeps complaining  explaining that her fighting the Tax Deadline DeadLion is harder than evers, cuz her office is 'short handed' after losing a longtime, very impawtent employee.
Well, if her is working 'short handed'...........who betters to help her out than a Dachshund!!    
We haves the most perfect short legs ever!  And if her is short-pawed we are THE Ones to help
So, we have our short legs and paws helping her out...........working our little paws to the bone, I tell ya!!

Pickles!!!    Can you hand me the Form 4562 that needs to be included with this Form 1120-S, so I can move on to finishing  Schedule E of the Form 1040??????


I will get right on it, Minna!   First I need to finish the depreciation and amortization calculations.

Even Lucy has decided to help out.................................

Is it time for a Coffee Break????  I'm getting some serious paper-cuts here......and I need to re-apply my Avon Lipstick!

We have been missing visiting our furrends on a regular basis.......butt we are trying to check in with you as often as posssible!!!     Please don't forget about us!!!       After the March 15 and April 15 Tax DeadLions have been tamed, we should be back to normal!!!

One thing we ARE taking time to keep up with is the MOST PAWSOME auction for Richie (MY Love) and his sissie, Ronni!!!    Be sure and check out the auction site as often as possible cuz items and activities are being added all da time!!!   (click on the foto on my sidebar and it will take you straight to the Auction Blog!)
And I am sooooooooooo excited to pawticipate in the Kissing Booths that will be added to the Auction site soon!!!    This is gonna be the most PERFECT opportunity to get a smooch from some of your Blogville furrends, while supporting Richie and Ronnie!!

PeeS...........Blogger has been making it even MORE difficult to visit our furrends, because the Blogger Dashboard only shows the most recent 15-20 blog postings.   We are having to check everybuddies blog individually to see if you have recently posted or not?!?!?!  Is anyone else having this issue, or did my momma do something to mess up my Blogger Dashboard???