Monday, March 7, 2011

The Stuff We Must Endure

As I mentioned in my previous post, this time of year we must endure my momma's long work hours and EVEN WORSE,her lack of brain-powerness that accompanies this event.   (i.e. her is even more Crackers than usual this time of year)

Case in point #1 - We have had a sudden burst of Springtime Weather round here lately.  So early weather in the 80 degrees has led to an onslaught of UPA (Unplanned Flea Activities) in our yard.   Now, my momma, keeps us on da Flea Preventions in da Summertime, butt not in da Winter.   Who gets Fleas in February, early March????   Well, I guess WE did!    So my momma applied da Flea Preventions, butt since this takes a few days to "kick in" and kill the creepy crawly fleas, her decided to give us all a spritz of da Flea Spray to keep da creepy crawlies from taking over our house.

So, yesterday morning, her gets out da Blue Bottle of Flea Spray.    
Let me correct myselfs.......Her THOUGHT her had da Blue Bottle of Flea Spray.     Unfortunately, her spritzed my sissie, Pickles, with da WINDEX!!!      sigh.      
Poor Pickles...............not only did her feel mistaken fur a glass mirror, butt then her had to have an unscheduled and unwanted BATH!!!

Case in point #2 - Our sudden burst of Springtime weather ended this weekend, and da temperatures changed from da 80 degrees to da 30s.     Brrrrrrrrrr, right?        All her needed to do was turn our heater on before going to bedtime, right?   (Puddles, please ignore da part bout our heater actually working)
Well, our lack-of-functioning-brain-cells momma 'accidentally' puts on da AirConditioner instead of da Heater before going to bedtime!!!!!    sigh.     We gots 38 degrees OUTSIDE and my momma had da Air Conditioner humming away...and cooling us down INSIDE.    sigh, again.

Luckily, we have fun Blogville stuffs to keep us from going insane, along with my momma.

Pickles is working on recipes fur da Bake Sale
Is this how Julia Childs got her start???     

And I am working on being her Taste Tester!!!    Yummmmmmmmm!

The Blogville Bake Sale and Recipes is gonna be the most fun thing evers!!!    Click on da link on my sidebar to take you to da new TastyNommies blog!!!!!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh dear, poor poor Pickles! That was definitely a very silly mistake but good thing she realized that that was NO flea spray. Good to know that Pickles immediately got a good wash down after that. Really sorry to hear about the flea problem you're having right now. We had a major flea & tick issue few years ago & it was really bad. Hope this problem can be resolved soon. Perhaps you should hire an exterminator?

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Yes ... odd temps for the past days/weeks. We are back to winter weather. Woof! Woof!I am participating on the Blogville Bake Sale ... offering a recipe have not published on my blog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

3 doxies said...

OMD...I don't even know wheres to begin with dis post.
I am actually rather skeered to say anything in fears of jinxin' ya'll!
But I bet Pickles is purty sparkly and shiney!


3 doxies said...

Oh ummmmm...did you say you had heat?
You do still live at 123 Minna Krebs Rd right?

*now where is dat laundrey basket?

Oreo said...

Oh Minna, thats a horrible experience fur you and pickels, frozen inside and out plus being thought of as a Window!! I sure hope that things get better or else!! BOL Have a great day!!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Did the Windex stuffs make Pickles' furs all clear and see through.. down to her nekkidness?

I can't imagine fleas in March!
Sheeesh... this crazy weather is makin EVERYTHING and ... (obviously) everyBUDDY a little ... SQUIRRELY. HEHEHE

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...


I just had to share this one... since you think you have the ONLY.. mom in the world who is whacked.
The other day we got some company.. they had been here fur a couple of hours... when one of them said... that is an interesting sweat shirt you are wearing... I have never seen one with the decorations... on the back...
Mom had put it on BACKWARDS... and Dad and I didn't tell her... BaaaaWaaaah.

Elvis said...

Cuz Minna & Ms. Pickles,
See - I told you not to go to work on those taxes.... It'll really mess up your mind - or what's left of it....Just think - It's only early March.. - come 18 April no telling what she's gonna' be like - Yikes! beware!

Do you guys want to come over to live with us until it's all over.

Ms. Pickles - you might seriously think about hiding some of the other bottles under the cabinet - no telling what RAID might do to you if she were to get ahold of it....

I'm just saying!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We are laughing here, Minna K, because those things are SO what the Momster would do too. Hope the heat is on now.

We all have our paws crossed for all aspects of the auction to go well.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Backcountry Brodie said...

Duss you think when you gotted spritzed with the winder cleaner that those crows woz sitting in the tree laffing?

rottrover said...

Oh Minna and Pickles, we feel your pain! our mom does that stuffs all the time -- even when it isn't tax season!! Good luck!

Scooter said...

Hey Minna K!
Wow, this is really funny! BWAR HAR Wasn't Pickles already shiny enough without the extra bath? Maybe she was streaked and had to be washed again. Anyway, running the AC is pretty funny. Bet she was sorry in the morning! Brrr
Grr and an Amused Woof,
Sarge, COP

JacksDad said...

Well, at least now you can see yourself in her fur! :)

Anonymous said...

How silly be your Moms don't her know dat you can looks through windows butt not through Pickles.

Dem hoo-mans sure be strange !

PeeS. Richie send you licks, lovs n huggles

Remington said...

Poor Pickles.... You look really busy in the kitchen....I can smell all those good smells all the way to Minnesota!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Sissy must be awfully clean since she was windexed. You better keep an eye on the momma
Benny & Lily

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Windex on poor Pickles.....B-O-L!.....sorry we can't even comment 'cause we are laughin' too much.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

The Daily Pip said...

Your mom sounds like my mom ...but my mom is like this year round!

Your pal, Pip

Anonymous said...

And she's doing other people's taxes??

Road Dog Tales said...

Mom said to tell you that in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" that man says Windex cures anything! So, maybe your Mom really does know what she's doing :) We are sorry to hear your Mom is fighting the tax deadlion, but looks like you are doing all you can to help out - even making your own treats! Wow! We've been begging for some of those treat recipes, but we'll need someone else to bake 'em for us. Our Mom is kinda lazy in the kitchen. Oops, hope she doesn't see this!

The Road Dogs

A MilShelb Mom said...

Windex? Uh oh!!
~Milly and Shelby

houndstooth said...

Oh my! The HORROR! Sprayed with Windex and then a bath?! And the fleas! My dog, the fleas! Then the air conditioning?! Minna, get out now, while you still can!


Dexter said...

That's it! Your mom person is not all there. Her brains appear to have been scattered hither and yon by the tax season. I fear for your safety. What next? Maybe you should get a taster for your foodables in case she grabs the tile grout instead of the yogurt.


HoundDogMom said...


Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Psss...We are sorry Pickles that we seen humor in your windex flea bath.

Lorenza said...

I have heard about those taxes making people going crazy!
I am not so sure Pickles was very happy!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Amber DaWeenie said...

Can you sees your reflection now when you look at Pickles? BWHAHAHAHAHAH! Sounds like you hads a rough couple of days. :o(

My Mind's Eye said...

MOL Pickles...bless your careful what you think now that you have been Windexed you are living in a glass house and Mom will see your every thought.
Hugs Madi

Anonymous said...

Gee and I thought I had it ruff! Y'all got sprayed with Windex and frozen by the air conditioner??? Dang! Better search the whole house for your Momma's marbles ;)

Looks like y'all have the cookin down. Probably best not to let your Mom in the kitchen for a bit ;) BOL :)

Waggin at ya,

the booker man said...

miss minna!

good gravy, your mama sounds totally frazzlefied!!
i'm just curious, but did miss pickles get super mega shiny after gettin' spritzed with the windex?? teehee.

the booker man

the booker man said...

pee s -- this will make your mama feel of my mama's friends was cleanin' her furnitures one day. she thought she had grabbed the furniture polish spray can, but she had really grabbed a can of RAID! BOL!!

Sandra said...

Parents are so silly! Our mom started a new job and she has been acting all kinds of crazy too. Humans really do have problems multi-tasking.

flash, alven, dottie

Unknown said...

We are so sorry, Pickles about that bath.
Sounds like your Momma needs some real good snooze time. Maybe u should just pin her down and make her take a break.
Hope all her work gets settled soon and in the meanwhile,double check the labels and keep away from all sprays!..hee hee

wags, Bud, Gin n Shadow

Richie said...

I is missin yu my sweet wonderful Minna, sendin yu my bestest luvs n licks

xx xx
xx xx

Neeko said...

Hello Ladies :o)

I read this post yesterday and I was laughing so hard that I could not leave a comment! Thanks for the cheers :o)
Your Mommy is funnyyyyyyyy; is she hanging out with Puddles? ;o)

My Mommy sprays us with Lavender or Vanilla for the crawly things and for mosquitoes too. You smell us coming from a mile away... :o)))

Thanks for stopping by my bloggie!
Neeko :o)