Friday, May 25, 2012

F is for FRANKIE

Woohooo!!!!   The big day is FINALLY HERE!!!! It's FURTER Day in Blogville........

Gimme an F - the dog who is da bestest Furrend to us all
Gimme an R - He is a Rootin'Tootin', Rowdy Rascall
Gimme an A - Always keeps Blogville informed
Gimme an N - Number One Mayor of Blogville
Gimme a  K - He is Kind and  a little bit Kerazy
Gimme an I - I loves him and his pack to pieces
Gimme an E - for Ernie, his most wonderful little brother.

Today, we are doing da Snoopy Happy Dance in honor of the entire Furter Pack - Frankie and Ernie and their Mom and Pops

You're da Best!!!!    
Thank you fur being my furrend~~~~~

Monday, May 7, 2012

Lookout Leonardo DaVinci..... comes my momma. 

So, yesterday my momma went to a fun-fundraiser for Dachshund Rescue of Houston.   A whole bunch of doxin lovers went to a place called Painting With a Twist, and all created a beautiful (?) Doxin-themes painting.   The creative juices were enhanced by da wine and snackies the ladies had whilst learning to paint.  

Painting With a Twist donated 75 percents of the fee to Dachsund Rescue. (good thing.....cuz they prolly wouldn't have made too many greenpapers selling the final art )

What a fun time!  And everyone left with a doxin painting, made with love (and wine)

Unfotunately, I must report that my momma will be returning to her office job today.    Her aspiration to become a full-time Artist don't appear to be an option......

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A picture says it all....

To summarize what we are doing lately, I use this foto to illustrate.     In summary, a lot of NOTHING.   Sigh

We are counting da hours and minutes until da big Tax DeadLion is slayed once again.  Until then, we just hangin out (all bored and stuffs) watching my momma come and go (mostly go) at all hours.  Sigh.

I am missing you ALL........butt will be back after April 17th. (yeppers, da evil Deadlion is two days longer this year.  Sigh, again)