Friday, January 28, 2011

She Did It!

Pickles here....
She finished her first knitted sock!  With her very own paws  hands!!
Wouldn't it be easier to buy the 3-for$10 pack at WalMart?

Now, she has knitted shawls and scarfs and is a total whiz at dishclothes (strange but true)........but never had the nerve to attempt socks.

So, after many, many hours....and panicked trips to the Yarn Shop for classes and moral support.........and enough HBO words to fill a Encyclopedia........she now has ONE sock.

 She marches around the house with ONE sock on, proud as a Peacock.
Looks like a few sloppy stitches here in the heel......but not bad  for your first one.

Don't you think it is about time to stop looking at THIS sock and start making the other one??

I'm thinking this could be a new business development opportunity for Lucy!
Now taking orders for hand-knitted socks!!  
Please allow 87 weeks for production time from date of order.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lucy To The Rescue

After reading about Frankie's unfortunate incident during his stay at da Mango Mansion during MangoMinster 2011........

I thought this would be an Excellent time to unveil my newest Avon Line of Hair Extensions and Assorted Curley-Qs

Perfect for the Dog or Cat that needs to fill in for missing furs.....or just wants to add a bit of Pizzazz and  length to their current furs!

Here is one of my Avon models, with some Before and After shots, just to inspire you on how my Avon Hair Extensions can help YOU look beautiful, too:


Model is wearing Avon Hair Exensions in Tawny Tan.  

During MangoMinster, you purchase qualifies for a 10 % discount!!! 
When placing your order, use coupon code 5268854668897766QWB4798431464879974634100464XX

Your Avon Representative
Your Blogville Welcome Wagon Chairman

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stuffs and Another Twix

Well "Hello Theres" Everyone!

My momma has been having our house painted ...inside and we all had to re-locate to Uncle Tommy-da HarleyMan's house during this "home improvement project-that my momma ain't doing herself."  

Now, you would think her was up on da ladders with a paint brush and caulk gun, by da way her has been stressing and overwhelmed by this event.   Butt, all her had to do was make a decision on da paint samples. sigh.   Her was carrying around a Big Red Truck-load of da paint samples, and holding ups da little paint sample paper all over our house, and asking everybuddy's opinion.  sigh.again.     Now, I would prolly feel more sorry fur her bout this MONUMENTALs decision........butt our house is WHITE.   and da Kitchen cabinets her had painted are WHITE. 

Yeppers, you read that momma has stressed out over picking da perfect WHITEsigh.
They all looks da same to me, butt her says "Oh no! There are subtle differences, and we must choose carefully"
In case you wonder......her went with "Very White"

Now on to much more important stuffs.............................................................

My momma has a Dachshund Rescue Transport this morning.   And everybuddy who has read my blog fur very long, knows that her has "issues" with naming stuff.......especially dachshunds!   Just ask Rooney or Pickles.

So when her had to decide on a name fur the Beautiful Red Dachshund girl that her will be transporting today, her had a MOST BRILLIANT idea!  (her can have one, ever once in a Blue Moon)
Her decided that her would chose names fur da rescue dogs in honor of our Blog Furrends!!!

And as soon as her saw da foto of this beautiful Red Girl........her decided that da name should be Twix!
The head rescue lady thought Twix was a most wonderful name fur this girl.  My momma said it was cuz her reminded us of a very good furrend named Twix.

So please allow me to present Twix (the Houston, TX version)

Poor Twix, da Houston,TX version was abandoned in da middle of da night at a local Vet Clinic.  Her looks very skeered and confused in this foto.........with good reason.   Butt her is healthy and will soon find a new furever home, I am sure!   Cuz her has such a wonderful new name!!

Minna Krebs....with da "Very White" house

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday with Lucy and Welcomes

"Can we get some Heat in Here???"

It has been 20 degrees in Brenham TX and there is NO Central Heating in my Barn!
Everytime me or my momma mention installation of Central Heating and AirConditioning......UncleTommy~the CHEAP HarleyMan just laughs.
Well, all I can say is that I don't see his motorcycle-seat shaped butt sleeping out here with me and Justice in this freezing weather! (He did order up more bales of thanks for that)

I also have received notification of a few new bloggers that need a visit from the Blogville Welcome Wagon

Edgar is a very handsome scot-dog over at his blog KPCalamities.   We think all our scottish terrier friends are so good-looking and fun, so we are glad to have another move into Blogville.

And we have also recently met a cute trio over at Trixie and Lily and SammieJo.   They are a great pack of dogs and I know you will love meeting them!

So if you don't know any of the above furrends yet, head on over and give them a "warm" Blogville Welcome!!! 
(sorry for the pun...but a warm welcome seems appropriate right now...)

Lucy Donkey
Your Avon Representative
Your Welcome Wagon Respresentative

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Welcome Wagon Cometh

Lucy Donkey here.    
With my first official post as Mayor Frankie Furter's Cabinet Minister of Welcome~ness!

So, I have hitched up the Blogville Welcome Wagon to introduce you to a few new residents of Blogville!

Amber DaWeenie and Max, daOdderWeenie, have been around Blogville for awhile, but never had their very own blog.    Well, they finally took the plunge and have starting Blogging!   We loved getting their comments, and are very excited to be able to follow them and see their photos!
Here is the link to their blog......
Da Weenies of Florida

Another crew of longtime followers in Blogville are Bart, Gizmo and Ruby over at Rottrover!    They also have started their own blog in the new year, and we couldn't be more excited.
You can link to their blog here..

If you don't already know these blogs, head on over and make them feel Welcome!!!!

Now, Mayor Frankie Furter keeps me up-to-date on any new Blogville residents that he knows of......butt if you now of a new furrend that needs a visit from the Blogville Welcome Wagon, be sure and let me know.   We would love to give them a Warm Blogville Welcome and feature them here!

Lucy Donkey
~Your Avon Representative~
~Your Welcome Wagon Representative~

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Puddles Mail - OMD!

Pickles here, relaxing in the warm sun on New Year's Day.  Happy New Year to all my new furrends!!!!

I just have to tell you about the nicest SURPRISE that came in the mail ........ addressed to ME!

This beautiful box of pressies is from Ms. Puddles~Duddles~Rainwater herself!!!    
What an honor, I say!

Puddles and Albert and Whitney and their mom sent it as a Happy Adoption and Welcome to Blogville gift   Now, the only problem was that my momma was so excited, she opened it up at her office BEFORE she brought it home to me (**gasp***).    So she didn't get any live action shots of me actually opening the gifts.

Butt, I am providing this realistic recreation of me............doing the Pickles Happy Dance as I open my pressies.......

The pressies were wrapped so pretty, all pink and black and white polka dotted................
There was a tray of Dog Muffins that look sooooooooooo good that my momma's boss wanted to try one before she let us dogs have one!!!  (my momma is thinking of trying to sneak one to Uncle Tommy~da HarleyMan with his morning coffee "just to see if he notices".  Heehee. )
 And my own Harley Davidson TShirt!   Pawsome!!

And check out this uber-cool stuffie!!!!!!   I do believe it is one of those squirrel/chipmunk/groundhog combinations that Puddles herself recently found deceased in her yard (you can read about it HERE)

And since this box of goodies was from included a bag of her Signature Treat.....Cheetos!!!

Unfortunately, it was an EMPTY BAG!  Butt, I love it anyway
(I must admit that I am somewhat suspicious that my momma had ORANGE fingertips..Hmmmmmm )

Thank you to Puddles and her pack...........You made me feel VERY special and VERY welcome!!!

continue with the Happy Dancing....