Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keeping Our House Safe From Intruders

We take our job very seriously, but our Mom loves this picture cuz she thinks weinerdog 'bottoms' are the cutest things around (sigh.....)

Thats ME on the right, wearing one of my favorite purple fleece hoodies. My sissie, Ditto, is the brown wire-haired weiner in the middle. My brudder, Rooney, is the handsome Piebald Black and White boy on the right.

And finally, my oldest brudder, Dude, only has his bottom in the picture. Dude was probably more interested in sniffing stinkies in the grass, than helping us protect the homefront!


3 doxies said...

Oh thank you, thank you fur coming by my bloggie... it is an honor to meet a fellow doxie girl.
I hopes you will continue your bloggie and start writtng. If you don't haves nuttin to say then just makes sumptin up...wink, wink.
If you would like I will post sumptin on my bloggie that ya'll is here and maybe you'll gets more traffic...what do you think?

Remington said...

Hi Remington here! You friends at 3 Doxies sent me over here. I am SO happy to meet you. I hope we can be great friends!

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi fellow doxies. Puddles sent us to come say hi!!
You 4 have adorable bottoms.
Love Ruby & Penny

A MilShelb Mom said...

Our Mom really likes this picture, too. she says it's very cite. This is our first visit to your blog. We saw the link on Puddle's blog.
~Milly, Shelby, and Maggie (the Mom)