Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Ten Smartest Dogs - Did You Make the List

My momma heard bout the 2010 Top Ten List for Smartest Dogs on her favorite morning radio show.  We decided to share it with you.   So did you make da List???????

Disclaimer.....This list be made by some supposed dog  expert who obviously is unawares that a dachshund is a dog breed.  The author of dis blog (me) not responsible for da opinions expressed by the list maker...

The Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds In The World:What are the smartest dog breeds in the world? We all love our dogs, and most of us believe our own dog must be the smartest ever. But is your dog's breed known as one of the smartest? We've compiled a list of the top 10 most intelligent dogs ever. If your dog isn't on this list, don't despair. Because sometimes, having a dog with very high intelligence can have its drawbacks. For example, if a highly intelligent dog is left at home alone all day, they can get bored and become destructive and/or neurotic. On the other hand, a dog with limited intelligence can be left at home all day, and not even realize you’re gone until a few minutes before you arrive home! comment by MinnaK....What the???  I be writing a letter of complaint regarding this comment. It be one thing to leave da Doxin off the list....but limited intelligence?!?!?!?

#10 Australian Cattle Dog
The Australian Cattle Dog is a very active breed. They need to be exercised on a regular basis, both mentally and physically. As they were originally bred to herd in cattle in Australia (hence the name), they are freethinking, resourceful, and very protective of their property, including people!

 #9 Rottweiler
The Rottweiler, #9 on our list, has a fearsome reputation that is largely undeserved. The Rotti is only average in intensity, and make a great family dog. Not only is the Rottweiler intelligent, but extremely courageous (one of the best guard dogs) and reliable.

 #8 The Papillon
Does this dog scare you at all? Well it should, because Papillons are actually a lot tougher than they look! Some would characterize Papillons as a little moody and aggressive, but they are simply very possessive of their masters and “home turf”. It may surprise some that the Papillon is considered one of the most affectionate dogs. Another very intelligent dog, and very easy to train.

#7 Labrador Retriever
An extremely loving, affectionate, and patient dog, the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world. They love to work, and need a lot of exercise. Without proper exercise, Labs have been known to develop weight problems. Because of their good nature, and love of children and other dogs, they are a very popular family dog.

#6 Shetland Sheepdog
Many Shetland owners swear that their dog has nearly human intelligence! Shelties were originally bred to herd hundreds of sheep and cattle, requiring great concentration and, of course, intelligence. They can be a little wary of strangers and children, but are very loyal and affectionate within their own family. In fact, the Sheltie very much craves human companionship.

#5 Doberman Pinscher
Dobermans are an extremely loyal, assertive, and fearless breed. They have incredible stamina, and love to work (they are one of the top 10 best guard dog breeds) Although known as a dominant breed, Dobermans can vary greatly as far as temperament goes. Some can be quite docile, and even work as therapy dogs in hospitals! Dobermans can be great family dogs too, if trained properly from an early age. Although not vicious, you can count on a Doberman to aggressively protect its master if necessary.

#4 Golden Retriever
Consistently ranked as the most popular breed of dog, the Golden Retriever personifies everything we love about dogs-loyal, loving, patient, great with children and eager to please. With such great intelligence, it’s no wonder that Golden Retrievers excel in obedience competitions and at performing tricks. It should be no surprise that the Golden ranks highly on our list of top 10 most affectionate dogs.

#3 German Shepherd
German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, courageous, and have a very strong protective instinct (they are one of the best guard dogs). As long as they are trained in obedience from an early age by a loving but firm hand, they can be great family dogs, and excellent with children. Because of their intelligence, a German Shepherd needs a purpose or job in life to be truly happy. This intelligence, coupled with their courageous nature make German Shepherds excellent police and search dogs.

#2 Poodle
Yes, the Poodle is at number two. The standard Poodle is highly intelligent and one of the easiest breeds to train. They love to be around people, and really hate to be left alone. Some standard Poodles are good guard dogs, and some can even be trained as hunters! Overall, Poodles are a sensitive, pleasant and happy breed.

#1 Border Collie
Like many intelligent breeds, the Border Collie needs a job to do. If they don’t have a purpose in life or some kind of job, they will not be happy. Border Collies should definitely not be left at home alone all day, and if they are, they can become quite destructive. They need constant companionship, praise, and extensive exercise. So if you work and live in the city, a Border Collie probably isn’t the dog for you! Because of their legendary intelligence, Border Collies set the standard in competitions for such skills as agility, obedience, and of course, sheepdog trials.

So there you have it,  did you make the list????

PeeS  Thank you for all da Well Wishes about our impending adoption!   She is still undergoing da treatment for da evil heartworms, so her will not be available for a few weeks...We will be sure to keep you updated on her progress!


Pippen said...

Hey Minna... we don't concern ourselves with such silly things! All those top ten dogs are over achievers... the rest of us a just WAY to cool for such things! At least that's our story...

Sam and Pippen

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Oh great...now Jacob is going to prance around saying he is ALL poodle....

I say that all puppies are the smartest!
Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory(, Bilbo and Jacob)

Erin said...

OK WHO Made up dis stupid list anyway and how come BOTH Of Pompei's breeds made it. I will have to file a complaint wit dis person as well.
*psht limited intelligence. *sticks out tongue*
~Texas the Doxie

Mack said...

I am just totes shocked BT's didn't make the list. And doxies too. What's up with that?? PS: The little blonde girl is soooo pretty. My mom has a birfday in October too. WOoT!

Maggie Mae and Max said...

Obviously dese peoples who made up dis list has no ideas what dey is talkin' bouts...just sayin'

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Charlotte said...

Obvously, this list is totally biased!! Not a doxie on there!! That's cause we are waaaay too smart for our own good!

((hugs)) your friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Bruschi said...

This list can't possibly be right! Puggles didn't even make the top ten?! Who can I complain to about this.......

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

♥ Sallie said...

Sigh. I didn't make the list either. But hey, we have our own blogs, we communicate with Aliens, and we have partied in outer space! Even top NASA scientists haven't achieved all that. :)

Alien said...

Yes. I associate with intelligent species like certain dogs, cats, etc.

3 doxies said...

Well well well...dat okays withs me!. Ya see, if we, being doxies made da list dat would only mean dat peoples on to us. We are smart enough NOT to make da list!
Got a list fur da top manipulators? Yea, we be on dat list fur sures!


Corbin said...

Um, Where was the Corbin breed? I demand a redo.

3 doxies said...

Your mom could've at leat used da word DETERMINED instead of stubborn...hehehe!
Dtas okays cuz we hears da word stubborn several times a day...okays, at least 947,375 times.


Road Dog Tales said...

A couple of us made that list, but the rest of us are demanding a recount!!!
PeeS - Congrats on your new soon-to-be addition!

The Road Dogs

Scooter said...

Awww....I didnt make the list. I mean HOW can a Scottish Terrier NOT be on the list??? BOL But thats ok, Mom says I am smart anyways!!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

We do our best to stay off THAT list -

We like to surprise the humans with our intelligence -

OR lakhk of - when it is in our best interest!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Well that list is just a whole package of Potty Paper if you ask me. Everybuddy KNOWS that the top 10 smartest dawgs are:
1. Dachshund 2. Dachshund 3. Dachshund 4. dachshund 5. Dachshund 6. other etc.

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Wells, it be's like 'dis!!! 'da Puggies not makes 'dat make shift list 'cuz we's not wants to gives our secret secrets aways... we's play dar dar dogs, butt whens no ones expects its.... 'da under dogs swoops in for 'da taking...

Yes, its be Pugnation!!!

hee hee... HA HA... hu hu... SNORTS!!!



'da Josie lefts wardy for yous... on my bloggy!!!! You needs to be prepared to pick it's up...
Wear nite vision goggs...
camouflage/combat boots
duck tapes
and big bag
yous can also bring Lucy to helps yous too!!!



'da Josie... who else

JacksDad said...

I notice that Jack was not mentioned by name on that list - and I know why :)

George The Lad said...

Me not on the list, how dere they, what do peeps know any how, lol!!
See Yea George xxx

little princess Luna~ said...

i didn't makes it minna and lucy..... :(
but mummy says not to worry because i gots my dads big head and so that makes me really smarts. :D

i got a few new pieces of clothing which i will share about soon~!! ;)


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We're with Puddles. We're too smart to take a test and be categorized. Let people think we're dumb. Is there a cunning list?

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Anonymous said...


I'm smart.


The Daily Pip said...

I never claimed to be smart - in fact, I think being smart is a little overrated. I am cute, funny, and all heart! What else do I need? Sure, I don't understand basic commands, make the same mistakes over and over again, walk into walls, etc., but WHO CARES!

Your pal, Pip

houndstooth said...

What?! German Shepherd number three?! Gah! Obviously, this list was created by squirrels! We all know it should be 1. Greyhound 2. Dachshund 3. Pug and so on! I mean, really, how many dogs are smart enough to get retired from their first jobs so that they can nap on the couch all day?! I fart in their faces, I do!


Zona said...

Oh great, I'm (partly) number 3 but my sister Cali is dancing all around saying she's smarter than me because she's listed (partly) as number 1. Phoenix is a doxie and thinks this list is ridiculous. Hehe...


Inky and Molly said...

All wrong, clearly, #1 has to be the Airedale!!!

Thanks for stopping by our blog.

Looking forward to getting to know you little cutie!

Two Pitties in the City said...

That's an interesting list, but for some reason, we're not on it. Maybe we're #11. Your new potential sister looks super-cute.

Lorenza said...

Nope. Not doxies on that list.
I wonder why...
Kisses and hugs

Wyatt said...

C'mon, we just have different priorities! You ever wonder why you never see a terrier as a guide dog....because if we saw a squirrel...well, it wouldn't be good! BOL

At least we are cute!

Sandra said...

Heeeeeeyyyyy what happened to doxie representation? Obviously those who made this list are not so smart themselves. Oh wells. Dottie kind of made it on the list since she is one third lab, but we already know she has limited intelligence. Hehehe.

Alven and Flash

Bella and Ollie said...

Ollie: Yay i made the list!

Thank you for sharing such interesting information with us :)

Love, Bella & Ollie.

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...


That list musta been written by a non-doggie person because everybody know Dachshunds are # 1 in our hearts but Mommy said the bestest doggie in the world is the one that is loves by it's Mommy & Daddy so that means all dogs are the best.

When it gets cooler Mack and me are going to meet up at a dog park in Pearland. Maybe you and your new ister came come too.


My Mind's Eye said...

MinnaK not to worry....the REAL truth is it is a known fact that Dachshunds are often called stubborn but WE ALL KNOW THAT stubborn is really a sign of HIGH intelligence!!! Strut your doxie
Hugs Madi

Dog said...

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